Bangladesh, Bishwa Ijtema, crowded train

This is what I call crowded. Tens of thousands of Muslims trying to “board” a train near Dhaka after the end of Bishwa Ijtema, or World Muslim Congregation, on January 23, which was attended by millions of pilgrims from around the world.

Bangladesh Muslims Bishwa Ijtema crowded train

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Paper clips dance on train floor

Video of paper clips “dancing” under the influence of electromagnetic field on the floor of a train in Kobe, Japan. The effect is produced by the electric current that drives the motors located under the floor.

Presumably harmless to human body, the magnetic field could damage electronic devices left on the floor. The train company is installing extra shielding on these trains as countermeasures for the issue.

Aoi Miyazaki – Tokyo Heart Commercial

Japanese commercial for Tokyo Metro [Jp], one of Tokyo’s major subway operators, featuring popular actress Aoi Miyazaki. Music by Ging Nang Boyz.

World’s largest model train set at Miniatur Wunderland

The world’s largest model railway and train set, located in the Miniatur Wunderland, a private museum in Hamburg, Germany. Updated with a new video.

The last of Japanese 0 series bullet train

Japanese 0 Series making its last regular runNovember 30 marked the last regular run of a 0 Series Shinkansen [wiki], the first type of Japanese bullet train which started running in 1964 at the Tōkaidō Shinkansen line. Thousand of fans gathered at the stations and along the track to witness its last regular run from Okayama Station to Hakata Station.

With the maximum speed of 210km per hour, the 0 Series were the fattest train back then and has since became one of Japan’s most famous icon.

The 0 Series was nicknamed bullet train for its round headed shape; the term is now commonly used to describe all high speed trains.