Uie Kim – Le Coq Sportif 2011 Fall commercial

Korean commercial for Le Coq Sportif golf clothing, featuring Uie Kim from girl group After School. Decent outfit for sports, not bad even if it’s worn on streets…

The commercial is kinda cute too, until Uie starts to sing. I know most pop group members aren’t great singers, but I didn’t anticipate that she’s that bad on solo.

Birdie Buddy (2011) drama trailer & pics

Korean drama Birdie Buddy, starring Uee of After School, is finally getting its airtime in Korea after much delay. Check out the trailer and teaser pics.

Birdie Buddie – also starring Lee Yong-woo and Lee Da-hee – is adapted from a Korean comic which tells the story of a female golf prodigy, whose hidden talent is discovered by a golf legend who went missing years ago for unknown reason.

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After School Uee – Le Coq Sportif golf collection

Korean pop group After School member Uee posing for Le Coq Sportif sportswear. The star has recently completed the filming of a golf-themed drama Birdie Buddy in which she plays a golf prodigy, her first leading role in a drama series.

After School Uee Le Coq Sportif golf collection

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After School Uie is Jean Addict

Korean pop group After School member Uie is featured in High Cut [Kr] Magazine in 7-For-All-Mankind denims, with a very odd hairstyle…

After School Uie High Cut Jeans Addict

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After School Uee likes Cool soju

Korean pop star Uee from girl group After School posing for Chum Churum’s Cool soju. The 22-year-old singer-actress is a commercial darling in Korea, her posters and adverts could be seen here-there-everywhere in Seoul

After School Uee for Korean Chum Churum Cool soju

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