Nanase Nishino WPB Magazine

Japanese pop group Nogizaka46′s Nanase Nishino in 2013-no.49 issue of Weekly Playboy Magazine. The girl group, one of the AKB48 franchises, is enjoying a great calendar year with three #1 hits and over a million copies of sold.

Nogizaka46 Nanase Nishino Japanese WPB Magazine

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Miona Hori WPB Magazine (HD)

Japanese idol Miona Hori, the new “centre” for girl group Nogizaka46′s upcoming single Barrette, is featured in 2013-no.43 issue of Weekly Playboy Magazine.

Nogizaka46 Miona Hori WPB Magazine

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Sayuri Matsumura WPB Magazine

Japanese girl group Nogizaka46′s Sayuri Matsumura, who reminded me of actress Kyoko Fukada sometimes, is featured in 2013 Vol.12 issue of WPB Magazine.

Nogizaka46 Sayuri Matsumura WPB Magazine

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Yui Aragaki WPB Magazine (HD)

Popular Japanese actress Yui Aragaki in 2011-No.44 issue of Weekly Playboy Magazine which is celebrating its 45th anniversary…

Yui Aragaki WPB Japanese Magazine

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Nozomi Sasaki Weekly Young Jump & WPB Magazines

Japanese actress-model Nozomi Sasaki in recent issues of Weekly Young Jump and Weekly Playboy Magazines. No worries, safe for work stuff…

Nozomi Sasaki Japanese Young Jump Magazine

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