Nanase Nishino WPB Magazine

Japanese pop group Nogizaka46’s Nanase Nishino in 2013-no.49 issue of WPB Magazine [Jp]. The girl group, one of the AKB48 franchises, is enjoying a great calendar year with three #1 hits and over a million copies of single-albums sold.

Nogizaka46 Nanase Nishino Japanese WPB Magazine

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Miona Hori WPB Magazine

Japanese idol Miona Hori, the new “centre” for girl group Nogizaka46’s upcoming single Barrette, is featured in 2013-no.43 issue of WPB Magazine [Jp].

Nogizaka46 Miona Hori WPB Magazine

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Sayuri Matsumura WPB Magazine

Japanese girl group Nogizaka46’s Sayuri Matsumura, who reminded me of actress Kyoko Fukada sometimes, is featured in 2013-vol.12 issue of WPB Magazine [Jp].

Nogizaka46 Sayuri Matsumura WPB Magazine

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Yui Aragaki WPB Magazine (HD)

Japanese actress Yui Aragaki in 2011-No.44 issue of Weekly Playboy Magazine [Jp] which is celebrating its 45th anniversary (nothing to do with the American namesake).

Yui Aragaki WPB Japanese Magazine

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Nozomi Sasaki Weekly Young Jump & WPB

Japanese actress-model Nozomi Sasaki in recent issues of Weekly Young Jump [Jp] and Weekly Playboy [Jp] Magazines. No worries, safe for work stuff.

Nozomi Sasaki Japanese Young Jump Magazine

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