Saudi King helps world’s heaviest man

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has intervened to help a man who has become one of the heaviest people in the world. The king ordered Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari, who weighs 1,345 pounds (610kg) and is unable to move by himself, be transferred (using forklifts, air force jets etc.) to the country’s capital Riyadh to undergo treatment.

According to Guinness World Records, the record weight for a living person is held by Manuel Uribe from Mexico, who weighed 1,235 pounds (560kg) in 2006. After making a television appeal for help, his weight in March 2012 had fallen to 980 pounds.

Gaza & War

As I often said, a war is often beyond right or wrong. It doesn’t matter who throws the first punch, it doesn’t matter if the retaliation is disproportionate, it is a war.

Gaza civilian killed in violence
18-month-old Eyad Abu Khosa, carried by his father Yoused [AP / BBC]

It’s unfortunate, and disheartening, that civilians are usually the heaviest casualties.

United Arab Emirates – Then & Now

A short historical film of the United Arab Emirates by Journeyman Pictures, which covers the economic development of the Middle East nation since the 1950s – from pearling, oil discovery, to trading, tourism, properties and luxuries etc…