Yui – To Mother Music Video

Japanese music video (short version) for To Mother by YUI. The singer ditched her usual guitar play and reached for the piano instead. Lovely song regardless…

Japanese singer Yui To Mother single album

Oricon Favourite Japanese Artists 2008

Utada Hikaru tops Japanese magazine Oricon Style’s annual favourite artist chart [Jp] for the second year in a row. A total of 20758 votes were cast by the magazine subscribers for the poll. The top 20 Oricon favourite artists in 2008 are…

1. Utada Hikaru 2. Kobukuro 3. aiko 4. Mr Children 5. Dreams Come True 6. Southern All Stars 7. Namie Amuro 8. B’z 9. Spitz 10. Arashi 11. Masaharu Fukuyama 12. Kou Shibasaki 13. EXILE 14. Porno Graffiti 15. Ayaka 16. YUI 17.Ken Hirai 18. YUKI 19. Kuwata Keisuke 20. Yuzu

Kindly note that artists in Japanese terms often refers to musicians but not actors, so many of your favourite stars may not appear in the list.

YUI music video collection

Music video collection of Japanese singer-songwriter YUI. She made her professional debut in 2004 and currently one of the most popular female artists in Japan

[Update] All MV are short versions from Yui’s Vevo channel. Most if not all of the full (non-official) videos have been deleted from YT, it’s better than nothing…

Good-bye Days – Theme song for movie Midnight Sun which she played the heroin…

Yui actually received the best newcomer award from Japan Academy Prize, but she didn’t wander much into acting. The movie is the only film she has made so far.

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MTV Japan Student Voice Awards 2008

MTV Japan Student Voice Awards 2008 were presented last Tuesday in Tokyo.

Shun Oguri MTV Japan Student Voice Awards 2008Juri Ueno MTV Japan Student Voice Awards 2008
Best actor and actress, Shun Oguri and Juri Ueno

Best Artist: YUI
Best Dance Artist: AAA
Best Group: Ikimono Gakari
Best Actor: Shun Oguri
Best Actress: Juri Ueno
Best Love Song: “Soba ni Iru ne”, Thelma Aoyama feat SoulJa
Best Lyrics: “Home”, Shōta Shimizu
Best Party Karaoke: “Polyrhythm”, Perfume
Best Ringtone: “Kiseki”, GReeeeN
Best Movie: “Koizora”
Best Game: “Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G”
Best Athlete: Ryo Ishikawa
Best Comedian: Harumi Edo
Best Fashionista: Jun Hasegawa
Best Trend: “Wisshu~” (DAIGO)
Respect Award: AI

Japan’s most wanted artist lovers 2008

Japan’s Count-Down-TV [Jp] has concluded their annual poll for “the most wanted artist as girlfriend/boyfriend” in 2008, with YUI and Jin Akanishi topping the girlfriend and boyfriend category respectively.

Top 20 Japan’s most wanted girlfriend 2008

1. YUI – 2. Kaori Mochida – 3. Ayumi Hamasaki – 4. Ai Otsuka – 5. aiko – 6. Ai Takahashi – 7. Ai Kawashima – 8. Kiyoe Yoshioka – 9. Maimi Yajima – 10. Yui Aragaki – 11. Nocchi – 12. Namie Amuro – 13. Ayaka – 14. Kaela Kimura – 15. Kumi Koda – 16. Misako Uno – 17. Hiroko – 18. BoA – 19. Mai Kuraki 20. Reina Tanaka

Top 20 Japan’s most wanted boyfriend 2008

1. Jin Akanishi – 2. Kazuya Kamenashi – 3. Hyde – 4. Jun Matsumoto – 5. Tomohisa Yamashita – 6. Takahiro – 7. Takahisa Masuda – 8. Jaejoong – 9. TAKUYA∞ – 10. Sho Sakurai – 11. Koichi Domoto – 12. Akihito Okano – 13. Kentaro Kobuchi – 14. Ryo Nishikido – 15. Yusuke Kamiji – 16. Yuya Tegoshi – 17. Masaki Aiba – 18. Haruichi Shindou – 19. Teppei Koike – 20. DAIGO

Note that in Japan the term “artist” often refers to singers, so there aren’t any “pure” actors/actresses in the list. Korean stars BoA and Jaejoong are the only two non-Japanese celebrities who made the top 20.