Taiwan Modern Toilet Restaurant

Toilet themed restaurants are not new in Taiwan; it has been around since 2004 or earlier, with people dining in a toilet like ambience and eating from mini toilet bowl.

I always thought that the business idea won’t last long; but with the huge exposures by media and bloggers… seems that these eateries are becoming a bizarre food icon from Taiwan, something like fugu in Japan and live octopus in Korea.

Below are pictures from Modern Toilet, a food chain that operates 12 toilet themed restaurants in Taiwan; these pics are from its outlet in Shilin, Taipei…

Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan
Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, TaiwanModern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan
Modern Toilet Restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan

I would certainly visit one of these restaurants if I visit Taiwan; not sure if I could consume all the food though… the sh!t ice cream seems a bit too much lol.

[image via Xinhuanet]

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  1. dr riza deleon says:

    hi i and my husband want to visit toilet restaurant in taipe we will visit taipe on june 19 can u give me the exact location in taipe? how much is the buffet in us dollar tnx

    • Yein Jee says:

      The two main stores in Taipei…

      Name: Shihlin Store, Taipei
      TEL: 02-8861-4384
      ADD: No.184, Wunlin Rd., Shihlin District, Taipei City

      Name: Simending Store, Taipei
      TEL: 02-2311-8822
      ADD: 2F., No.7, Lane 50, Sining S. Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City

      I don’t think they have buffet. Set meals cost about $20-30 USD per pack.

  2. Wow!! Reading can travel around the world. I wish I could visit this weird yet amazing restaurant. I’m so interested in Chinese culture…the people are creative and innovative. I’m a Malaysian, a peaceful multiracial country (Malay, Chinese and Indian). Nice to know u!

    • Yein Jee says:

      Nice to know u :)

      • Anonymous says:

        hi,,i want to go on that wc restaurant.how can i go there..?commuting only on train?what station??

        • Anonymous says:

          here is my email ad..dhez_santiago@yahoo.com the same as my facebook account,,thank you..i will wait for your answer…

          • What makes this more appealing than eating ice cream that doesn’t look like poop out of a nice bowl with some nice design or artwork on it? Me personally would prefer seeing an interesting design or even just color on what I eat off of. I guess some people just want toilets and poop. Those “chairs” don’t look to comfy either. Well, to each his own!

  3. It’s nearly impossible to find well-informed people on this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  4. hedawop420 says:

    i would like to know the web site where i can purchase one of the mini toilets from this article

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