T-ara – Cry Cry music video & pics

Korean pop group T-ara has released a new mini-album, Black Eyes (Cry Cry), on November 11. The music video is technically part-one of a 30-minute mini-drama, featuring actors Cha Seung-won and Ji Chang-wook. Alternatively, check out the shorter dance practise video (with complete song, just below) instead…

T-ara’s previous album, Roly Poly, is one of the year’s biggest hit, thus anticipation is high on this one. I actually think Cry Cry is a better piece, but I’m not sure if it could better Roly Poly’s popularity. Sometimes it takes more than just music to make a huge hit; there are plenty of other factors. Concept photos via Tarakorean

T-ara Cry Cry Black Eye album

T-ara Boram Cry Cry

T-ara Qri Cry Cry

T-ara Soyeon Cry Cry

T-ara Eunjung Cry Cry

T-ara Hyomin Cry Cry

T-ara Jiyeon Cry Cry

T-ara Hwayoung Cry Cry

Cha Seung-won T-ara Cry Cry

T-ara Cry Cry music movie poster

[Update] The second part is out, check the MV via the (Lovey Dovey) link below.

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