Toad migration in Jiangsu, China

Thousands of toads were spotted at a bridge in Taizhou, Jiangsu province, China, on May 9. According to local expert, the toads were enduring a mass migration because of the depleting oxygen resource in a nearby river… but from the pic it seems like the chance of survival for the toads are not looking good on the road either.

Toad migration in Jiangsu, China
That’s lots of toads (Image from Yangtse)

Update – this story was first shared before the Sichuan earthquake on May 13. There are speculations that the toads migration was an omen, and the rumours were heated up as a similar toad migration phenomenon was spotted in Mianzhu, one of the quake affected areas, just a couple of days before the disaster.

Personally, I don’t think the toad migrations are related to the quake in anyway, but I can’t be sure… as the world is always full of mysteries. Regardless, what really matters now is to rescue the quake survivals and help them rebuild their homes. Try to help a bit if possible ok?

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