Top 10 Japanese horror movies

Snippets of 10 Japanese horror films. Watch at your own discretion…

[Note] The video which I first posted (made by GothTatsumaki) was deleted. Sharing another ‘horrific’ compilation by Coolchick8116@Youtube instead.

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  1. Wednesday says:

    Everywhere young women as main characters. That’s strange. Horror movies seem to be a strong tradition in Japan. Like it!

  2. Ma Jie Mao says:

    I think “The Eye” was the creepiest Japanese horror movie I ever saw. not that it was super scary it just was really well done.

  3. Yein Jee says:

    The Eye? You mean the Hong Kong one?

  4. Ma Jie Mao says:

    It probably was Hong Kong, since they make the better movies, was a long time ago I saw it. Probably they just had it in the Japanese movie section in the video store, and I didn’t bother to notice the error. Sometimes it just gets tedious to notice the mistakes.

  5. In my opinion, the most scariest movie in japan is the doll master

  6. Sairento Hiru says:

    You people are fools. Hong Kong will NEVER make better films….AND “The Eye” was done by Thais’….

  7. I love how ignorant people calling others fools.

  8. MeiKyohaku says:

    i agree , its amusing

  9. andrewjmckenzie says:


  10. anonymous says:

    Yein Jee /MeiKyohaku shut up….your the one whos stupid….

  11. ||Mayumi|| says:

    I always loved “Uzumaki”. My first Japanese horror.

  12. Anonymous says:

    the short story rattle rattle from unholy woman is the scariest ive seen from japan i think i peed alittle when i watched it lol the most ridiculous one ive seen is the first evil death trap movie if you havent seen that one give it a watch you wont be dissapointed ^ ^

  13. The eye is such a good film, I can say it is the greatest of all….I have atched both the American and the Asian version, the Asian version is definitely far better.

  14. Tiffany M. says:

    *It’s. *You’re. When insulting people, spell it right.

  15. Anonymous says:

    wat is the film voice


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