Passport lost & found

Malaysian passportWent to Vietnam last week. A mini saga occurred when I was back at the airport at Kuala Lumpur, when I realised that my passport was not in my possession…

I wouldn’t panic under most circumstances, but a series of (chaotic) events preluded the incident… which led to an immediate thought that I had dropped the passport somewhere (instead of simply keeping it at another corner of my bags).

Still, my immediate response was to search my bags, twice, but couldn’t find it… thus the beginning of a two hour long search at the airport, in which I visited almost every administrative offices and done a few things which would get me into trouble at an American airport. Anyhow, couldn’t find it after the hunt and had to file a police report – which AFAIK was a first (losing passport) among my family and peers.

Took a cab back home after that. The adrenalin rush had settled down after reaching home, and I decided to search through my bags again… funny enough, my passport appeared somewhere in the corner, clearly visible, and it took me less than 60 seconds to discover it. How I managed to miss that at the airport remains a big mystery lol.

Stupid things happened to the brightest people sometimes, and I’m not the steadiest of all to begin with. Two hours wasted, a rather bizarre yet special experience, and a laughing material among my tour mates for a long long time.

Kelly Chen, unfulfilled promises & letting go

Dreamt of a song 3am in the morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep. It’s a 1996 production, Willing To Let Go (誰願放手) by Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen.

I was a huge fan of the pop star during high school. She’s gorgeous, not an exceptionally good singer but has some pretty good songs.

Funny thing is I haven’t heard this for some years, it’s odd how it popped up out of the blue. And it brought back memories, going to be a long story…

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Canton Road luxury shopping street

Canton Road is a luxury brands shopping street in Hong Kong, which houses flagship stores of Hermes, Chanel, Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada etc. The Chinese economic boom in the past decade has provided plenty of semi-rich customers who flocked to Hong Kong for these luxury products.

Hong Kong Canton Road Hermes and Chanel flagship store

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Hong Kong Mak Mun Kee wonton noodles

Mak Mun Kee Noodle House – probably my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong. Discovered the place in 2007, visited twice again during the recent trip.

Hong Kong Mak Mun Kee wonton noodles restaurant

Mak Mun Kee is famous for its wonton noodles and pig trotters. Its shrimp wontons are huge, fresh, with bouncy texture and great flavour. Loved the pig trotters too, which are simmered with red-fermented tofu, a Chinese speciality.

The restaurant will still be on top of my list when I visit Hong Kong next time.

Mak Mun Kee is located at 51, Parkes Street, Jordan.

Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple

Revisiting Wong Tai Sin Temple after three years. WTS is one of the most iconic temples in Hong Kong, famed for “answering” the prayers among believers. A few extra attractions have been added to the temple compound since my 2007 visit, and there’s a lot more worshippers and tourists at the Taoist temple this time…

Hong Kong Wong Tai Sin Temple

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