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Size Comparison: Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Titan

Japanese blogger Ulaken [Jp] has created an interesting illustration comparing the size of the famous giants in Japanese pop culture.

Size comparison of Godzilla, Pacific Rim and Attack on Titan

The characters

The chart features the Godzilla from the upcoming Japanese film and the American one from 2014. The latest Godzilla is the tallest at 118.5 metres. [Update] You can check this post to compare the size of the Godzilla from early to modern days.

And then there’s the Jaeger robot and sea monster from the Pacific Rim in 2013. It’s a Hollywood film based on Japanese kaiju (monster) genre.

There’s also the gory giants from hit anime franchise Attack on Titan, including the normal and the extra-sized one. They are not really kaiju though.

And then there’s Ultraman, the old-school Japanese pop culture icon which is about the size of the giant monsters in the 1960’s. Poor little thing =)

Last but not least, the standard human being who is almost invisible in the picture.

Drogba vs Messi – Turkish Airlines #EpicFood

Ivorian footballer Didier Drogba travels around the world to hunt for epic foods, but “unhappy” to find that Argentinian football star Lionel Messi is always ahead of his gourmet adventure. A humorous advertisement by Turkish Airlines.

Destinations include Turkey, Nepal, Japan, Siberia and Sahara. The last part of the video shows the company’s acclaimed in-flight meals while seemingly on the way to The Americas (which oddly don’t have any featured food in the commercial).

Godzilla: High Grade figures collection

Video of a Japanese fan showing his huge collection of Godzilla related figures. Not everyone’s cup of tea, skip this if kaiju is not your interest =)

Godzilla: High Grade

Bandai produce the toy line in Japan since 1994. The plastic models are about two inches tall and may need some assembling. There are sold by Gashapon, aka capsule toy vending machines which are commonly seen in Japan.

Bandai usually release a new set when there’s a new Godzilla film in town. Besides the main character, the collection also includes other monsters in the franchise.

Unless things have changed, the Gashapon usually dispense an item by luck. Each machine usually has its specific theme but you cannot control what you get.

In addition, some items are very rare. It requires real dedication – either by sheer numbers or trading with other people – to get such a huge collection.

Yuka Kinoshita 100 hamburgers challenge

Meet Yuka Kinoshita, a Japanese female competitive eater and online celebrity, whose total video views has just surpassed 100 million on Youtube. This video, in which she tried to eat 100 burgers in November 2014, is her most popular one.

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Happy Lunar New Year 2015

Share The Lights – a commercial by Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia’s largest electric utility company, in celebration of the 2015 Chinese New Year.