Japan Airlines Expo ’70 advertisement

A bit vintage, JAL advertisement for Japan World Exposition in Suita, Osaka, in 1970.

Japan Airlines vintage advertisement

Korean gymnast throws awesome first pitch

Korean rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo-ji made headlines recently with her amazing first pitch for the Doosan Bears. The former Olympian performed a gymnastic manoeuvre before throwing the ball which went just a bit off from home base…

Korean gymnast Shin Soo Ji first pitch

Animated image via TodayUS [Kr]. You can check the original video on Youtube.

[Update] Here’s a Twisted First Pitch video from CNN…

Maria Sharapova ultimate racquet test (HD)

Behind the scene photos of Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova’s 2013 HEAD Tennis commercial (video further below) in which she tested the brand’s Grapheneâ„¢ racquets in some odd situations. From Head Tennis’s Google+.

Maria Sharapova Head Tennis Graphene racquets

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Japanese Hello Kitty melon

A melon producer in Furano, Hokkaido, has grown some cute cantaloupes with the image of Japanese’s favourite icon Hello Kitty engraved on the fruit surface.


The limited item (300 pieces) will be on sale until July 31. I suspect it won’t last until then despite costing 4,980 yen (US$48.53) apiece. Seems steep to most people but high quality melons are priced at this range in Japan, it’s not extraordinary.

Giant rubber duck deflates in Hong Kong

The famous giant rubber duck, a creation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, has mysteriously deflated during its current trip in Hong Kong. The ducky was supposed to stay until June; the organiser of the exhibition is working to bring it back up.

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