UNICEF: Better With Water

Better with Water, is a one-minute video created for the Tajikistan oneminutesjr. workshop by Mukaddas Aslamova, 15, where she celebrates the improvements at her new school – a toilet with flush and clean water…

Theoneminutesjr. is a UNICEF video initiative that highlights and celebrates the diversity among youth around the world. Workshop participants produce videos of sixty seconds that are positive and powerful examples of the way visual arts works as a communication tool across cultural, geographic and national borders.

In some countries people would screamed at the condition of the ‘new’ toilet, let alone the old one. Thing is, we sometimes take things for granted… we probably know that there are many places around the world which are less developed than ours, but we tend to ignore it subconsciously.

For the past few years I’ve kept a habit of donating 5-10% of my income to charities. Not much, and not bragging here. It’s just that I’ve always think that it’s a blessing that we could give back something to the society, as many people around the world won’t be able to offer much even if they want to.

The least we could do though, if we are the lucky ones, is to be grateful of what we have. And off course, it’s always nice to try a bit more – just a little bit more – to make this world a better place.

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