US armies vs North Korean propaganda

Some paintings from the Sinchon-Ri Museum in North Korea, depicting US war atrocities in the Korean War from North Korean point of view.

US army in North Korean museum

Exaggerated as it may seem, some of the incidents might actually be real. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the US and alliances were that barbaric, but cruelty like that could happen in isolated case; and it could happen both ways.

US army in North Korean museum US army in North Korean museum
US army in North Korean museum

US army in North Korean museum

US army in North Korean museum

US army in North Korean museum

US army in North Korean museum

Image from Korea-dpr, via Boingboing.

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  1. Joe hit the nail on the head. It is troubling that a person can actually believe those things about the United States. With free information flow you have the tools to learn the truth (with exception to North Korea who doesnt really have any type of information flow). As a former infantryman who served in both Iraq and Afghanastan I can assure you that all we’ve ever done is try to help the people and defend our selves. We are humans, not monsters, we have pitty and sympathy. Yeah accidents happen and civilians die but that’s the reality of war, what is pictured above is not. Hell a marine was discharged from the Corps for throwing a puppy off a
    Cliff. Then there’s the marines who urinated on the Taliban bodies, they were all discharged. These types of behavior are not tolerated. There are bad apples but it’s a minority and the military does their best to weed them out.

    • Anonymous says:

      mai lai massacre

      • Roger Sampson says:

        Which would have been move extensive had it not been for two helicopter crews and Lt. Cali’s own men protecting or refusing to fire on unarmed villagers. Additionally, it was reported to Division level so the Company HQ couldn’t just sweep it under the rug.

        The American Armed Forces are the most rigidly controlled fighting force in history. We can be charged with every crime in the civil code and a number particular to the Service. The one mentioned with the Puppy falls under Art. 134(2) “…was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.” simply because someone thought it was no cool to throw a dying dog found in the desert off a cliff ~ i.e. he got caught & the idiots in D.C. are P.C.

        The incident with the body desecration falls under the same Article and is much more serious. Each culture has a taboo on mishandling the dead ~ even combatants. Therefore, unless it was to be used as PSYOPS this was inexcusable.

        As for the North Koreans, they are trained from birth that all evils in their Nation are due to external threats. The N. Korean military spend is 25% of GDP (U.S. is only 4.8%) and half of their population is on active-duty. That would explain why such a paranoid Nation would develop these outlandish caricatures for their museums then shell their neighbors to the South for operating in S. Korean waters.

    • Anonymous says:

      I respect and totally believe you. .
      But we never know what happened in the old time, how people were and how the government was doing. . Those people must’ve suffered of injustice that is available today . .

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG, that is really cruel!!
    How could them do such a terrifying things. .
    I hope that North Korea will reunite with south Korea as before and let US die with it’s evilness. .

    • Really? You need to get out and read history books and particularly the cruelty North Korea imposes on its own people.


  3. Anonymous says:

    In reality this is nothing but propaganda, the American military would never do such a primitive thing as to bury people alive with shovels, they would of cause have a bulldozer. On the first picture we see the Americans sawing though the skull of some prisoner with an asian saw, such a thing would never happen, in reality they would be equipped with a good old rip saw. Also through I know that health care is bad in the states I doubt that it is as bad as the last picture is trying to communicate. The third picture from the bottom is probably the one closest to reality, A schoolboy in his school uniform has received bad grades which he had tried to hide under his hat, he gets tied to a board and punished by the US army. But North Korea should not complain about that since they push their students really hard as well.

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