US armies vs North Korean propaganda

Some paintings from the Sinchon-Ri Museum in North Korea, depicting US war atrocities in the Korean War from North Korean point of view.

US army in North Korean museum

Exaggerated as it may seem, some of the incidents might actually be real. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the US and alliances were that barbaric, but cruelty like that could happen in isolated case; and it could happen both ways.

US army in North Korean museum US army in North Korean museum
US army in North Korean museum

US army in North Korean museum

US army in North Korean museum

US army in North Korean museum

US army in North Korean museum

Image from Korea-dpr, via Boingboing.

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  1. I totally agree with you, some parts are a bit exaggerated propaganda vs. propaganda wise. But I think those things really happened if you look at the things that where exposed on wikileaks, about the American soldiers killing innocent civilians.

  2. I can only imagine what’s happening at the war zones. The soldiers are probably under constant stress or boredom… sometimes the slightest of incident could lead to massacre.

    And the thing is those soldiers who killed innocent civilians could be one nice person under most circumstances… war time brings the best and worst out of people. It’s beyond right or wrong sometimes… war itself is a wrong thing to happen at the first place.

  3. How about we stop bullsh^t conflicts and realize we need to help one another to learn and live……….. in a happy and productive way………. Whatever T…. Never happen…………

  4. Honestly I really dont think the American soldiers of the Korean War were pulling the Shrine Maidens teeth out… Hold on… Thats around mid 1950’s right….
    America was still ignorant then… Most of us here are still ignorant… It could have happened…. Education my Friends… Is Key………………..

  5. in don t no what in picture

  6. hey man f…

  7. Lol, give me a break. North Korea has always been nothing but liars and blatant frauds. They launch an ICBM that crashes into the ocean and claim it’s a satellite and launched without a hitch.

    I assure you, these are all huge fabrications and lies to motivate and incite hatred. Those of you who want to believe it are the ones who need educations. Sorely.

  8. We are talking about the DPRK. A regime that follows the followings of Juche and the god-like teachings of Kim Il-sung Kim Jong-Il. You guys want to start putting some plausibility to the thousands of cranes that lifted “the late father” to the heavens as well? Or how about the star and rainbow that appeared that when the new great marshal was born?

    Yes, I will believe that war crimes and atrocities occur in all militaristic groups. I am not saying that the US is without fault, however; you all are absolutely insane to entertain the thoughts behind this blatant propaganda.

    Read a book, you Morons. Here’s one- “Nothing to Envy” – Barbara Demick

  9. Oh god, propaganda really works. -__-; I’m Korean American and looking at these pictures made be for a flicker of a second despise the US military…

    And some of these incidents may have happened, yet, but cruel things happen to many groups of people throughout history. That doesn’t make these cruel things right at all, but you can’t just wallow in them. The US military has also done positive things, so…

    And Korea-Japan haven’t had the best historical relationship but now, they’re even running joint military exercises. People have to move on. Forgive, but don’t forget.

  10. if there was ever a war against us there would be a lo more troops than you think
    russia would budge in china iran(terioust not soldiers)
    for the usa europe ,germeny canida isreal indea japan toyko plus we have nukes in rome so we would blow them too hell befor one of there nikes hits us.(usa) A Dead comminuts Is a good comunist



  12. Cooooool!!! Great!! Very nice!!!

  13. InfinitiG35 says:

    All of these pictures are just pure propaganda. Kim Jong il use these painting to brainwash his people to hate the American. Keep hating on us. The more you hate, the more you fall behind. The only reason why North Korea doesn’t want to unify with the South is because of leadership. Democracy is the only way to survive.


    this is definitly not real… the government people in north korea are dumbass liers. Some of the citizens are actually inicent and have no choice but to believe it so im fine with them. i dont know y kim jong il (김정일) hates America but he should know the reason y they have buildings and technology. it is because of America’s help, they coudnt have developed their own country. instead of using money on weapons y dont they use it on developing their own country for christs sake like south korea, my home state!

    • I believe that these cases existed but it is impossible that they will do it so openly and in a group. I feel that this is just exaggerated propaganda to make the people hate US as to prevent them from wanting to get out of north Korea.

  15. I disagree with you that us army is barbaric

  16. it is lies… not true…
    american military never killed normal people.
    you know real true.
    that is distortion piction.

    if american soldiers didn’t help south korea, south korea can’t develop like now.

    • Iraqi Nationalist who fucking hates USA says:

      you piece of shit!!

      ” american military never killed normal people “”
      f*** you a******!!! USA is full of illuminati shit

      This is the concept of shitty baby America f****** land of destroyers!!
      USA is like a baby who cries like a shit baby!!
      when a country dont want to sell their soul to the devil

      American illuminati b****** gets mad and destroying them!!
      You may think that American shitty illuminati leaders are happy and having a good life.
      and being a shitty boss of the world :) everyone hates USA ;)

      But Allah(god) will punish the Zionist Jews and the US shitty Imperialist!!!

  17. Algerian iméne says:

    i beleive every thing on this paintings
    Americans love only thierself and they are always ready to do whatever just for thier benefits
    ready to kill to torture to destroy every who protests them and willing to be more strong than them Americans are so selfish they dont care if they are killing kids and weak women
    you’ve some right to don’t beleive that cauz it was from the far past “1950” but there’s PALESTINE a living example look what’s going on in IRAQ Iraq was so developped they used to call it the country of science but Americans couldn’t bear the fact that an arabic country was better in science than others countries they killed thier president “SADAM” and killed all the scientists they stole thier petrol and destroy “THE COUNTRY OF SCIENCE”
    what i do think that the painter did show us just a little part of Americans awfulness cauz there’s a lot to learn about America fact

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously are blind just like the North Koreans. Try getting your facts straight. America went into Iraq only because of 9/11, and if you don’t know what i’m talking about, try looking it up. Your so called “Country of Science” develops gas bombs and used them on their own people. They may have smart scientists, but evil non the less.

      God Speed,

  18. Just Propaganda.North Korea is BIG FAT LIAR

  19. I regret that people who have posted extremely negative views of the United States either have no access to free information or would rather wallow in their own ignorance. The United States of America was founded on principles of liberty…that all people were created equal and given rights at birth which cannot be taken away from them, rights which include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    It is these principals which has allowed the U.S. to survive and thrive for over 200 years. Yes, my country has made mistakes (fewer than most I imagine). Have U.S. soldiers EVER committed war crimes? Of course. When they were found out, these individuals were tried and punished accordingly. Generally, the U.S. has shed the blood of its youth to stop tyranny and oppression throughout history all over the world. When peace was reached, we have used our own resources to rebuild those countries decimated by war. This includes the capitalist-based governments of South Korea, Japan and Germany.
    The irony of these paintings is that they probably got their ideas from North Korean “Re-Education” camps, where all families have been sent for a member asking a question like “Why don’t we have enough food?” Where what little information and news their people have access to has been highly filtered and propagandized. If you doubt me, read the official news wire of the North Korean government. Compare that against the tragic testimonials of people who have managed to escape this totalitarian hell hole.
    I am proud of my country. Over time, history will recognize it to have been one of the most free and generous nations that have existed. People make the simplistic claim that we were in the Middle East to appropriate oil. Yet, today the government of Iraq is free to sell its resources to anyone it likes at whatever price it sets.
    Peace to all the people of the Earth.

  20. Joe hit the nail on the head. It is troubling that a person can actually believe those things about the United States. With free information flow you have the tools to learn the truth (with exception to North Korea who doesnt really have any type of information flow). As a former infantryman who served in both Iraq and Afghanastan I can assure you that all we’ve ever done is try to help the people and defend our selves. We are humans, not monsters, we have pitty and sympathy. Yeah accidents happen and civilians die but that’s the reality of war, what is pictured above is not. Hell a marine was discharged from the Corps for throwing a puppy off a
    Cliff. Then there’s the marines who urinated on the Taliban bodies, they were all discharged. These types of behavior are not tolerated. There are bad apples but it’s a minority and the military does their best to weed them out.

    • Anonymous says:

      mai lai massacre

      • Roger Sampson says:

        Which would have been move extensive had it not been for two helicopter crews and Lt. Cali’s own men protecting or refusing to fire on unarmed villagers. Additionally, it was reported to Division level so the Company HQ couldn’t just sweep it under the rug.

        The American Armed Forces are the most rigidly controlled fighting force in history. We can be charged with every crime in the civil code and a number particular to the Service. The one mentioned with the Puppy falls under Art. 134(2) “…was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.” simply because someone thought it was no cool to throw a dying dog found in the desert off a cliff ~ i.e. he got caught & the idiots in D.C. are P.C.

        The incident with the body desecration falls under the same Article and is much more serious. Each culture has a taboo on mishandling the dead ~ even combatants. Therefore, unless it was to be used as PSYOPS this was inexcusable.

        As for the North Koreans, they are trained from birth that all evils in their Nation are due to external threats. The N. Korean military spend is 25% of GDP (U.S. is only 4.8%) and half of their population is on active-duty. That would explain why such a paranoid Nation would develop these outlandish caricatures for their museums then shell their neighbors to the South for operating in S. Korean waters.

    • Anonymous says:

      I respect and totally believe you. .
      But we never know what happened in the old time, how people were and how the government was doing. . Those people must’ve suffered of injustice that is available today . .

  21. Anonymous says:

    OMG, that is really cruel!!
    How could them do such a terrifying things. .
    I hope that North Korea will reunite with south Korea as before and let US die with it’s evilness. .

    • Really? You need to get out and read history books and particularly the cruelty North Korea imposes on its own people.


  22. Anonymous says:

    In reality this is nothing but propaganda, the American military would never do such a primitive thing as to bury people alive with shovels, they would of cause have a bulldozer. On the first picture we see the Americans sawing though the skull of some prisoner with an asian saw, such a thing would never happen, in reality they would be equipped with a good old rip saw. Also through I know that health care is bad in the states I doubt that it is as bad as the last picture is trying to communicate. The third picture from the bottom is probably the one closest to reality, A schoolboy in his school uniform has received bad grades which he had tried to hide under his hat, he gets tied to a board and punished by the US army. But North Korea should not complain about that since they push their students really hard as well.

  23. Ah.. is very sad

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