USD920 for a bunch of premium grapes in Japan

A bunch of premium grapes were auctioned for 100,000 yen (~US$920) in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan, on Monday (August 11). The bunch weighed around 700g and had 35 grapes, which converts to about $26 per grape.

These expensive grapes are a new variety called the Ruby Roman; nurtured by the Kaga Fruit Land in Ishikawa. It’s said to be the largest grapes in Japan, about 3cm in diameter. The average price for the Ruby Romans at Monday‚Äôs auction was about 27,000 yen ($248) per bunch. [via Nikkei]

Expensive Ruby Roman grapes from Ishikawa, JapanRuby Roman farmland in Ishikawa, Japan
The Ruby Roman grapes (Image from Rubyroman and Chunichi)

Check out some other expensive Japanese fruits… the Yubari cantaloupes and the Densuke watermelons.

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  1. lol, these auctions are made for the sake of rich people with too much money in their hands.
    why is it just japanese fruits though? can’t other fruits be as expensive?

  2. The living standard is already quite high for average goods in Japan; thus the rich probably won’t mind spending a bit more on higher quality stuff.

    Japanese are not the only peeps who spend big on their food… Chinese are probably more aggressive in this matter. A few links from my old archive, some other extravagantly priced food in China…

  3. Are they Seedless? ;)

  4. cole… no clue, but seedless doesn’t make it expensive. I can buy a bunch of normal seedless grapes for five bucks here… probably a few hundred kilograms with $920 lol.

  5. yellowpaint94...yp says:

    i love grapes!!!especially the seedless ones…but i won’t waste my money just to buy that one…are they gmo’s???i think so…cuz it’s abnormal to see big grapes like these…which means they are not natural ones….i still prefer the small ones…

  6. Lots of food are GMO these days… I will be really surprised if these grapes are not.

  7. ai.. expensive fruit make expensive shit.


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