Welcome to YeinJee.com V2

Hi, welcome to the new version of YeinJee.com.

Most of you are readers from other sections of this website, especially from the Asianpop and Discovery blogs. I have written the reasons for the overhaul at those respective sections, and will redirect the main pages to here soon.

Besides the change of URLs, the major addition for this new version is that I have decided to open the comment option for better communication with the readers, as well as discussion among visitors.

Also welcoming readers from YummyCelebrities.com which I have decided to merge with this site. YummyCelebrities is an Asian entertainment blog that I have maintained since 2005, but it’s not logical for me to continue running it as I will be sharing similar info here as well.

It’s a new beginning here, thanks for all who have been following my blogs all this while… some of you have been reading my stuff since 2005, many thanks for that.

As for the relatively new regulars and new readers, welcome to YeinJee.com.

Have a nice day.

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