World record for simultaneous foot massage

2016 participants (1008 reflexologists and 1008 tourists) have set a new Guinness World Record in Taiwan on July 1 for having “most people receiving foot massage (reflexology) simultaneously.”

Tourists who volunteered for the event came from various countries, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong etc.

World record for most people receiving foot massage (reflexology) simultaneously in Taiwan
The world record attempt at Taipei Arena, Taiwan (Image from Huaxia)

The attempt was organised by Taiwan Tourism Bureau to promote health tourism Reflexology is a popular practice in Taiwan for relaxation and improving general health; the activity is gaining popularity among foreign tourists in recent years.

There were no previous attempts made on this category; Guinness have set the requirement to have at least 400 participants with treatment for at least five minutes on each foot… which were met by the folks without much sweat.

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  1. bb says

    there are that many people who earn a living by massaging people’s feet in taiwan?
    how much people actually get foot massage in a regular basis?
    i like massage generally, but not on the feet.
    is it good for you?

  2. says

    Quite a lot… in some places you could find a reflexology shop at almost every corner; kinda like Starbucks lol… and their business are not bad in general.

    I have never tried a professional foot massage before. My mum used to do it for me when I was a kid… believing that it could cure some mild sickness. I believe that it has a certain effect on our health, but I also believe that it’s more on preventive benefits instead of curing sickness.

    It’s quite fun though, painful but enjoyable ;)

  3. Anonymous says

    At first I was wondering what a ‘food’ massage is all about (sounds like it could be a little messy LOL), but then i read the article and it was ‘foot’ massage.

    I actually like foot massages OK, but none lately cause I broke my toe 2 weeks ago, :(

    Funny typo Yeinjee. But we got it ok no problem.

  4. says

    omg… how did I miss that… it actually sounds funny that I almost don’t want to correct it lol. Thanks for the note guys.

    Anon#4… sorry for your toe; you didn’t broke it while foot massaging ain’t so :p

  5. says

    There is one street in KL, Malaysia, where the whole street is full of reflexology centres, sometimes they do the massage out on the street LOL

  6. says

    chumpman… you are probably talking about Bintang Walk ain’t so? I’m curious if Malaysia’s reflexology business is doing as well as those in Taiwan… some of the times the reflexology shops in Klang Valley seem a bit dubious for me.


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