Youtube – best of Asia

A project to share some of the most popular videos from Youtube on this site; you’ll be seeing a couple dozen of these posts in the next few weeks/months.

Simple methodology… just search for the specific keyword on Youtube and embed some of the most viewed videos here; limited to one video per channel.

Obviously there will be related videos that are missed out using this method, but it’s just a compilation for infotainment, let’s no go into details too much.

Keywords “Asia” and “Asian”… 13 vids with over a million views each…

Ridiculously Hot LATINE girl dancing, not asian [by ezsebas@Youtube]

Prime example of title keyword spamming; a video that’s not related to Asian but popped up on top when the word was searched… it’s part of the internet culture these days. Not bad though…

Asian Boy – Yank Dat Cameltoe [by nigahiga]

Spoofed song based on Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat”, performed by Asian-American duo Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi. The boys have just topped the most subscribe Youtube channel list a couple of days ago…

i are cute kitten [by nalts]

Cute pet videos always ruled. So, where’s the “Asian” part you might ask… it’s said that the cat has an Asian mother that is. Pwned…

Elephant Painting [by ExoticWorldGifts]

Thai elephants doing some serious painting stuff…

Asians Hate You Miley Cyrus! [by WHATTHEBUCKSHOW]

A comedy skit featuring a few Youtube celebs, in respond to American teenage star Miley Cyrus’s slant eye controversy…

Paganini_Caprice_no_24 [via ricobico]

Unknown Asian guitar soloist playing Paganini Caprice, classicial piece by Italian musician Niccolò Paganini…

Asians Just Aren’t Cool Enough? [by kevjumba]

Comedic rant about white guy playing Asian super hero…

Tsunami Hits Thailand & South East Asia! [via aliceangel7]

Footages from the 2004 Asian Tsunami which killed hundreds of thousands…

Mad TV – Aren’t Asians Great? [via ototochan88]

Parody of Gwen Stefani’s “The Sweet Escape” by Madtv


A Japanese prank TV show…

Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys [by daejeeduma]

Asian Kung-Fu Generation – After Dark

Japanese music video, “After Dark” by rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation; one of the openings for popular Japanese anime “Bleach”…

being grateful asian style and my mum is awesome [by communitychannel]

Simple talk by Natalie, an Asian-Australian; one of the most subscribed Youtube channels too…

Best of Youtube series

Next: Youtube – best of Malaysia & Singapore

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  1. That is not dancing, its acting as sleazy as possible in under 4 minutes.

  2. As amazing as the elephant painting an elephant was, I didn’t like it… I kept thinking about how much cruelty may have went into training the elephant to do that. I’d love for someone to say I’m wrong but until then, i just can’t quite make myself sit through the whole video :(

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