Youtube – best of Malaysia & Singapore

Best of Youtube series: Malaysia & Singapore.
Methodology: Just search for specific keyword on Youtube and share some of the most viewed videos here; limited to one video per channel.

Malaysian Idol (Michael Jackson) [by liquidbuffet]

Malaysian Idol 2004 audition. Epic performance.

BY2 TWINS latest video! *explosively hot hot HOT!!!* [by whitebunny1993]

Dance practise by Singaporean twin-sister-pop-group BY2…

Horse breeding (tamby)1 [by 68denbako]

Horses mating at a horse farm in Kuala Linggi, Malaysia. NSFW lol…


Random compilation from Malaysian dance community Hardstyle Republic…

Country Roads [by DLKKKHEE]

Cowboy dance by the Sashae Dancers of PJ Academy Of Dancing…

SIA A380 lands in Singapore [by LesliePillay]

The largest passenger airliner in the world, Airbus A380, arriving in Singapore in 2007. SIA was the first company to run commercial flights with the plane…

許美靜 – 城裡的月光 [by usharimau]

Music video of “Moonlight from The City” by Singaporean singer Mavis Xu. A lovely song from 1996, and a very popular one…

Best of Youtube series

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