Yuri Ebihara’s cute Japanese commercial

Japanese commercial for McDonald’s [Jp] Ebi Filet-O (shrimp burger), featuring model Yuri Ebihara who’s nicknamed Ebi-chan by her fans. As for the hat…, the white cream sauce on top of the Ebi perhaps? [Update] Found a wallpaper.

Yuri Ebihara McDonalds Ebi Filet-O

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  1. Yein Jee says

    kyon… that would be $123,456,789,000 please.

    Jian… you’ll get $5 discount without the burger and fries.

  2. V says

    What is with the hats? I thought this commercial was so funny. I loved it. Seriously why can’t we make more commercials like this?

    Viva la strange Japanese Mcdonald commericals!

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