About Yein Jee

Wong Yein JeeYein Jee is a Malaysian traveller, food lover & self proclaimed entrepreneur.

This blog is about Asian culture, lifestyle, travel, food, fun and entertainment – with primary focus on the Asia Pacific region. Some articles are real life experiences, while others from various sources around the net.

About Me

Born in Ipoh, Malaysia, in 1979, and stayed happily in the small town for 19+ years before moving to Kuala Lumpur to further my studies, and staying there ever since.

Graduated as an industrial engineer despite not interested with the subjects. It’s amazing (or perhaps a shame for Malaysian education) that I still managed to graduate after skipping 60% of the classes while working as an assistant for a stock-broker most of the time. Worked as a QC engineer in a Japanese firm after graduation, but ended my engineering career shortly after realising that it’s really not my cup of tea.

After trying out a few other stuff with limited success, I started working from home in 2003 as a freelancer, later as a project manager, and in 2005 began to focus on becoming a webmaster – building websites of my own, manage it, and generate profit through various sources. Doing reasonably well these days.

The major reason for me to follow the current career path is my passion for travelling. I would love to travel around the world, but working on a 9-5 job won’t achieve that. I knew I had to try on something else, and thank goodness I did. Nowadays I can work from anywhere around the globe as long as there’s internet access, and I could still make some passive income when I’m taking a few weeks break. Kinda cool yeah?

This blog is more for personal leisure though. It’s initially intended as my personal travel and food journal, but ended up as what it is now, with a bit of everything.

Thanks for visiting, hope you find the website useful and entertaining.

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