Bangladesh, Bishwa Ijtema, crowded train

This is what I call crowded. Tens of thousands of Muslims trying to “board” a train near Dhaka after the end of Bishwa Ijtema, or World Muslim Congregation, on January 23, which was attended by millions of pilgrims from around the world.

Bangladesh Muslims Bishwa Ijtema crowded train

The annual gathering is held at Tongi, outskirt of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It’s among the world’s largest religious gatherings and focuses on prayers and peace and shuns political discussion. Image via Chinanews [Cn].

Dhaka train station during Bishwa Ijtema

Bangladesh Muslims on crowded train

Bangladesh Muslims on crowded train

Bangladesh Muslims on crowded train

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  1. Really amazing, how do they manage to climb on top of each other like that. Fantastic photos.

  2. md abdul hamid says:

    this is us. we are different. every time you look at us you see the difference between bangladeshi and others.we are united, peace loving,happy people.come and visit our country.

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