Bangladesh, Bishwa Ijtema, crowded train

This is what I call crowded. Tens of thousands of Muslims trying to “board” a train near Dhaka after the end of Bishwa Ijtema, or World Muslim Congregation, on January 23, which was attended by millions of pilgrims from around the world.

Bangladesh Muslims Bishwa Ijtema crowded train

The annual gathering is held at Tongi, outskirt of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. It’s among the world’s largest religious gatherings and focuses on prayers and peace and shuns political discussion. Image via Chinanews [Cn].

Dhaka train station during Bishwa Ijtema

Bangladesh Muslims on crowded train

Bangladesh Muslims on crowded train

Bangladesh Muslims on crowded train

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  1. Well that can’t be very safe

  2. oh my goodness…it’s hard to believe..

  3. poor train…

  4. i thought this only happens in india. looks like their neighbour has the same habit too.

  5. I see no women. WHere they? wher?

  6. @irk, Welcome to the world of islam

  7. @Kyon: did you ever came to India?

  8. Guys, thank you all for liking and caring to comment on this. But I believe none of you have considered reading the description by the author. FYI,

    “The Bishwa Ijtema (Bangla: বিশ্ব এজতেমা) or (World Congregation or Global Congregation) is an annual Tablighi Jamaat Islamic movement congregation held at Tongi, Bangladesh by the river Turag. The event focuses on prayers and meditation and does not allow political discussion. It lasts three days and is attended by over five million Muslims, making it the second largest congregation after the Hajj to Mecca. (Hajj is mandatory and a pillar of Islam, whereas the Ijtema is neither). Devotees from approximately 80 countries attend the three-day Ijtema seeking divine blessings from Allah. In recent years, over seven thousands foreign delegates attend the congregation each year. ” – Wikipedia.

    So, what you are seeing here is a special occasion & only happens once in a year. @kyon Yes, we are same in many aspects. Before 1947, we were the same country! @irk LOL, of course there are women, this author focused on crowded train only; not the congregation. Follow the reference bellow for much image of the same & women as well ;) @Peter I don’t know what that supposed to mean, however you should also check the reference below.

    I don’t blame you, the whole world misinterprets Islam and it’s we, the Muslim, who are to blame for such misunderstanding. We have failed to express the true meaning of Islam (peace). What you know as Muslim or Islam are not truly either one at all. They are misguided, confused, devil, true enemy of Islam it self.

    Mass prayer at Bangladesh Islamic peace gathering 21-23 Jan, 2011 :

  9. en el mundo tiene que haber de todo para ser mundo

  10. shuvashis says:

    in the world has to have everything to be world

  11. Really amazing, how do they manage to climb on top of each other like that. Fantastic photos.

  12. md abdul hamid says:

    this is us. we are different. every time you look at us you see the difference between bangladeshi and others.we are united, peace loving,happy people.come and visit our country.

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