Beijing Olympics roundup (1)

Another day to go before the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics. Some random news and information about Olympics and happenings in Beijing…

The game has started

The women’s soccer tournament of the Beijing Olympics kicked off at 17:00 Beijing time on Wednesday, two days before the opening ceremony. It’s common for soccer (and some other team sports) to start the games earlier.

Women soccer games at Beijing 2008 Olympics
Women soccer game, Germany vs Brazil, ended 0-0 (Image from Xinhuanet)

Olympic hairstyle

Beijing folks are trying some new hairstyle to celebrate the game…

Weird hairstyle to welcome Beijing Olympic Games
Pair of twins with their Beijing 2008 haircut (more hairstyle on Xinhuanet)

Official Youtube channel

International Olympic Committee (IOC) has set up an official Youtube channel for the Beijing games, sharing a wide selection of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games clips.

Videos embedding is disabled, so I can’t share any of their videos here.

Alternatively, try the video channel of Beijing Olympics official website.

Promotional video

A six-minute promotional movie for the Beijing Olympics (I think it’s unofficial), featuring some Chinese cultural stuff and glory moments of the past…

Medal count map

The New York Times created an interactive map that shows the medal count of each country for all of the modern games since 1896. [via Neatorama]

Modern Olympic Games medal counts

On side-note… I will be making Olympic updates like this post with a mixture of info instead of making separate posting for each news… saving some space and browsing time. You can follow the Beijing Olympics’ update with this tag.

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