Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Mister Mister

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation have released a music video for Mr.Mr., title track of their new Korean mini-album. Half decent song, at least better than I Got A Boy in 2013. The girls look gorgeous in the MV; hate the video editing though, too much flickering which unfortunately seems to be the trend in Kpop videos.

SNSD Taeyeon MrMr Korean album

SNSD Jessica MrMr Korean album

SNSD Sunny MrMr Korean album

SNSD Tiffany MrMr Korean album

SNSD Hyoyeon MrMr Korean album

SNSD Yuri MrMr Korean album

SNSD Sooyoung MrMr Korean album

SNSD Yoona MrMr Korean album

SNSD Seohyun MrMr Korean album

Girls Generation MrMr Korean album

Girls Generation MrMr HD concept photo

The lyrics tell the dudes to be more courageous (to make a move). Image via Snsdpics. A dance MV in suits should look mighty fine.

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  1. MaJieMao says:

    Yeah all the cuts, jerky camera movements, and lens flare make if feel like a J.J. Abrams movie. (who I hate)

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