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  1. SUNiF0X says

    You’d had to pay me a million bucks to even attend the concert, even then I think I would jump off a tree to break my legs and not go!!!!

  2. Emilie says

    The Bieber fever is crazy!!! There’s way too much hype about this kid…TV drama, concerts, cd’s, dolls, book, and even nail polish. But, I have to say that his songs are catchy and his MENTOR is hot. lol.

  3. hisham dean says

    my dotter is pestering me to go see da concert minus da adult supervision and she’s only 13. da tickets are so awfully overpriced.

  4. Anonymous says

    girl generation please come to malaysia.make a consert in kapit at 20 may 2011.you must promise.we are your fans club.

  5. says

    [kyon] you’re wrong, singapore gets it 1st, i can forsee many malaysian girl going to singapore and not vice versa~
    Btw i’m looking for free tickets~
    Do email me marissa_limyy[at]hotmail.com

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