KFC’s Colonel Sanders fashionable in Japan

Statue of Colonel Sanders, founder (and mascot?) of KFC franchise, gets a bit of fashion makeover in Japan; some are cool, but mostly bizarre…

KFC Colonel Sanders in sunglasses, Japan
Valentino Sanders? [photo by Patrick Bolduan]

KFC Colonel Sanders in Santa Claus suit, Japan
Sander Claus [photo by Jesyka]

KFC Colonel Sanders in Hawaiian fashion, JapanKFC Colonel Sanders in ancient warrior costume, Japan
Hawaiian Sanders and warrior Sanders [photos by Slugicide [L] and Kevin Brake]

KFC Colonel Sanders in Yukata, JapanKFC Colonel Sanders in Yukata, Japan
[L] Sanders in a Yukata for the summer festival season [photo by Simon] while an outlet decided to dress Sanders in women’s Yukata instead [photo by Chris Gladis]

KFC Colonel Sanders in Japanese maid cosplay, Japan
Lastly, the most epic of all… Japanese maid Sanders [photo by moof]

This post is inspired (and expanded) from Instant-ramen’s KFC article.

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