KFC’s Colonel Sanders fashionable in Japan

Statue of Colonel Sanders, founder (and mascot?) of KFC franchise, gets a bit of fashion makeover in Japan; some are cool, but mostly bizarre…

KFC Colonel Sanders in sunglasses, Japan
Valentino Sanders? [photo by Patrick Bolduan]

KFC Colonel Sanders in Santa Claus suit, Japan
Sander Claus [photo by Jesyka]

KFC Colonel Sanders in Hawaiian fashion, JapanKFC Colonel Sanders in ancient warrior costume, Japan
Hawaiian Sanders and warrior Sanders [photos by Slugicide [L] and Kevin Brake]

KFC Colonel Sanders in Yukata, JapanKFC Colonel Sanders in Yukata, Japan
[L] Sanders in a Yukata for the summer festival season [photo by Simon] while an outlet decided to dress Sanders in women’s Yukata instead [photo by Chris Gladis]

KFC Colonel Sanders in Japanese maid cosplay, Japan
Lastly, the most epic of all… Japanese maid Sanders [photo by moof]

This post is inspired (and expanded) from Instant-ramen’s KFC article.

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  1. colonel maid sanders is really epic lol.

  2. Lol, I used to see the old colonel on TV commercials for Kentucky Fried Chicken when I was growing up. He’d be rolling over in his grave right now in his home state of Kentucky if he saw what the Japanese have done to him. :P

  3. However, he does look pretty good in that kimono holding the watermelon. lol.

  4. Funniest one is definitely the watermelon + yukata outfit, couldn’t make any less sense than that!

    Thanks for the plug YeinJee ^^!

  5. But here in America, I don’t see a lot of statues of him outside of KFCs, so it must be a Japanese tradition to do that at all. And you know, (probably for that reason) I think colonal sanders must have more cameos in anime than anyone else too. Someone should start with a list and put it up on wikipedia. Why not. They’ve got a list of catgirls appearing in anime, after all. It would probably end up being rather extensive. But not as extensive as the catgirl list. Too bad I didn’t write it down every time I’ve seen him or I could produce an impressive list right now. But off the top of my head, there’s Project A-ko (that one was the best – he was the star of a horror flick no less!), Mahou Tsukai Tai, Midori no Hibi and Pani Poni Dash. And you at least see a KFC bucket at the beginning of Nuku Nuku, but that doesn’t really count.

  6. Sandor… I don’t think they have this in every store. Good point on the anime cameos; a few of KFC buckets crossed my mind almost instantly (and also McDonald’s), can’t remember which anime in particular but the brand is obviously popular. Don’t think there’s many Sander’s statue cameos though.

  7. The Santa One……
    Santa – San

  8. Holy Shit ….. The Maid O’ Deka One Rules…………..

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