Korean man married anime pillow

In 2008, a Japanese otaku made headlines with his online petition pleading to legalise marriage with a two-dimensional (i.e. anime and comics) character.

In 2010, a Korean guy has taken a step further with a special ‘wedding’ in March…

Korean guy married Dakimakura pillow

28-year-old Mr Lee got ‘married’ with his dakimakura – a body pillow from Japan often with a picture of an anime-like character printed on the side – in a special ceremony. In Lee’s case, his bride is a pillow with an image of Fate Testarossa from anime series Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. [via Metro]

I bet the bride didn’t consent the marriage. She couldn’t say “I Do.”

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    • Kevin says

      There’s been more weird events. Look up the women that are sexually attracted to things such as the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower.

      The lady that’s sexually attracted to the Eiffel Tower actually married it. The one that is “in love” with the golden gate bridge actually has a piece of the bridge (some how) and has sex with it. Every night. No joke.

  1. Yein Jee says

    Depends how serious he is. It could be a prank or just for fun (it’s not legally bind after all). If he’s really serious then we shall wish him luck… I wouldn’t call it desperate; it’s as if he’s living in a different world than us, with totally different perception in life.

  2. Yein Jee says

    It does seem stupid to be frank… but I would have no problem making friends with people who married with non-conventional ‘spouse’.

    It’s their choices of life… as long as they are doing no harm to others I don’t really mind. And if that makes them seriously happy then they’ll have my blessing, however odd it might be.

    I would probably do my best to lure him back to the our world though lol.

  3. Sameera Meera says

    he doesnt want to marry humans (maybe he wud change his mind, but i guess doesnt) :P he cuda just dated her for rest of his life loll


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