Mat Cincang cable car & mountain view, Langkawi

Mount Mat Cincang is one of the major tourist attractions in Langkawi, Malaysia, famous for its panoramic view of rainforest on the island and the Andaman Sea, with neighbouring Thailand within sight as well.

Photos from my Langkawi trip in August 2009. Couldn’t see much of the sea view unfortunately; the visibility was pretty low during my visit due to hazy weather.

Sea view and cable car at Mat Cincant Mountain in Langkawi, Malaysia

Sea view from Mat Cincant Mountain in Langkawi, Malaysia

The cable car

The steep cable car ride (I dotted the cable line in the below pic) could be a bit adventurous for some folks; it slants close to 60 degrees at some point…

Mount Mat Cincang, Langkawi, Malaysia
Observation platforms at Mat Cincang Mountain in Langkawi, Malaysia

Observation platforms

There’s a few sightseeing platforms; the highest is 710m above sea level, while the most famous is the hanging sky bridge at around 600m, which is itself a tourist attraction with its unique architecture…

Mat Cincang Sky Bridge and mountain view in Langkawi, Malaysia
Mount Mat Cincang Sky Bridge in Langkawi, Malaysia

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