Girls’ Generation (SNSD) before & after?

Photos of Korean pop group Girls’ Generation members when they were younger which have been circulating online lately. There are rumours that their looks are not natural; it’s hardly conclusive with just a few pics though.

Regardless, I have no problem with plastic surgeries to begin with; and facial appearance can change a lot with growth, weight control and makeup etc. Some of the comparison pics are really old too. Judge for yourself…

SNSD Taeyeon before and after

SNSD Jessica before and after

SNSD Sunny before and after

SNSD Tiffany before and after

SNSD Hyoyeon before and after

SNSD Yuri before and after

SNSD Sooyoung before and after

SNSD Yoona before and after

SNSD Seohyun before and after

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  1. I like taehyun so much.
    She is so attrative for me.
    I love her.

  2. VV It’s not Taehyun. It’s TAEYEON. I love her, and people need to get it right xP

  3. I LOVE Taeyeon!!!!! Yoona and Sooyoung are my other favorites =)

  4. engsamnang says:

    yoona the best, she so natural.

  5. kapa2nget nla nung bata, c seo hyun at yoo na lng ang mganda…

  6. almost all of them undergo a plastic surgery, right? anyways, it just seems to be normal for the koreans. though i still prefer the natural beauty. haha :)) honestly, majority of their members are ugly. sorry, but its my opinion.
    on the other hand i like the beauty of seohyun.

  7. Such a attractive pic’s
    l love all of them

  8. wow Yoona nose use to be sooo round and bulbulous but now its soo cute, i kinda knew she did surgery cuz i seen a few old pix where her nose kept changing and looks red and stiff… good thing it healed nicely
    ohand i also saw her in Super Junior’s old M video… i didnt even know it was her… so ugly and unrecognizable but she is soooooooo cute now.

  9. NeVerMind says:

    Gosh!!!I was shocked!!! the first time I saw them in there OH! mv I was starstruck. and now I discover that their beauty is not natural? I guess only Seohyun and Yoona got a little “PLASTIC SURGERY” there is almost no changes.but the rest really change their faces.Sica,Fany,Taehyon,Yuri and Hye Hyon there is a BIG BIG changes.they had a plastic Surgery at the young age?will the operation is sucessful.LOL!!! they are all now beautiful

  10. they were very ugly before beauty surgeries

  11. It’s them without make-up lol! They all pretty! <3
    Sunny looks like her picture in invicible youth without make-up.
    They are soo cute!

  12. I’m positive that if they say that they didn’t go under the knife, then they probably didn’t. Why? Because lying doesn’t exactly help their image.

  13. so they’ve undergone plastic surgeries(not all, i guess)….
    i think i should be a surgeon and fly to Korea…gonna earn a lot of money over there….

  14. yoonalove says:

    wow yoona was so pretty before
    i think tiffany and yuri have changed the most. i can’t even recognise yuri

  15. sunny is the only one who i think has done massive plastic surgery. well she got in snsd just cuz her uncle is Mr SMent

  16. I sooo love taeheon
    she’s really cute and attractive
    Sooyoung and Yoona are my faves also

  17. Seohyun is natural i think. her features are the same.

  18. genesa like taeyeon says:

    – i like taeyeon so much !! she’s the best and her beauty is really cool @ natural hahah

    – i want to be like her someday !! saranghae my TAEYEON unnie :-]

  19. Yoona is so effing prettaye even from before!!
    I mean (almost) all of them are pretty, or I would say ‘acceptable’ before but YOONA is the one that stands out.
    It’s like she doesn’t need any grooming or touch-up — There she goes for audition, and there and then can she debut!
    Lucky bitch. Haha I mean lucky girl.
    I guess every girl DIES to be Yoona whereby she could proudly wake up in the morning with doing anything (though she needs to bathe first) and is able to step out of her house.

  20. One more thing to add up, I guess that’s why (majority of) girls hate Yoona — Coz they are downright jealous.
    And guys, on the other hand, love her to death.
    Imma girl but I don’t see the big fuss about hating a particular celebrity just coz you know what she’s pretty.
    Maybe a specific answer out there to those girls would be, “You hate Yoona coz she don’t have to waste time making-up everyday. And you, on the other side, have to. Which makes you late for work everyday coz deep down in your heart you know you’d scare the wits out of your colleagues if you don’t (make-up).” Am I right? *winks

  21. wow..!!! tiffany.. u look so different… seo hyun, u r so cte,..!! yoona so sweet n yui so beautifull

  22. HAHA LOL xD says:

    HAHAH! ROFL! All of them had plastic surgery!! Well that sucked!! AHAHAH XDDD Is this what you call natural beauty?

  23. What you meant by “ALL”had plastic surgery?? Only just Yuri did double eyed lid surgery,she didn’t miss any bone of her face right?You must be blind or retarded,they just put heavy makeup,or you just don’t know how to differentiate between makeup and plastic surgery .Cool,blind people can commented too!! XD FTW~~

  24. all of them had a plastic surgery u know except yoona and hyoyeon..
    one of my friend is Sone and she told me that they all have a plastic surgery except yoona n hyoyeon.. So its not a “MAKE Up”
    its not a natural beauty then.. :pp

  25. Snsd lover still says:

    I don’t understand why they make a big fuss. Most Korean do it

  26. Can you see any difference in seohyun before and after? Well I dont. Its either my eyes are playing tricks on me or youre just jealous. She still look the same to me. Just that she’s prettier now. Well, shes young and still growing up. Duhhh.

  27. what plastic surgery could do to you….haha!!!

  28. Thatguy says:

    Oh hell freaking ya,i would totally enjoy watching a ugly O-natural SNSD rather than a freaking smoking hot plastic SNSD. A little Plastic could do everyone alittle good.Just do it with moderation. People who hate on them just because they had surgery REALLY need to get laid.

  29. Anonymous says:


  30. -=dEAth_eYEs=- says:

    Well, I for one don’t believe in this. We can never tell unless SNSD themselves reveal it. They all look the same now but a little more matured at some points. Anyway, it’s maybe because I’m a fan of SNSD that I don’t believe in this stuff but I would believe that SNSD didn’t undergo surgery. they said it themselves. SNSD \m/

  31. like or dislike, is TRUE answer says:

    Its not a plastic surgery exactly, do u know what is puberty? Do u know what is growing up? Yeah we had it all too, its growing up, its not a plastic surgery
    Do u know actress use an expensive and exclusive make up? Yeah they use it, and when they was little, are they useing a make up? Are they use a whitening cream? The answer is a big NO, so, what’s wrong with being prettier? What’s wrong with being changed? U can do it too, and told it again its not a PLASTIC SURGERY *winks

  32. OMG! Taeyeon :O

  33. Finaldistance says:

    Useless explaining to retards. It’s a wonder how their country got them to use the internet.
    Some people need plastic surgery, but lots of people here need brain surgery.

  34. i think they didn’t do plastic surgery, sometimes when people grow older their faces change to be prettier b/c i remember when i was at school one of my schoolmates was not that pretty but after 5 years i meet her again she looks really pretty b/c her skin is fairer + flawless and she lost her weight a lot . Maybe the girls only lose their weight and do some facial treatment and become prettier..

  35. I think Yonna is the prettiest and everyone else just sucks because they are fakes and liars who are cheating on themselves because they are too scared to look at their true selves. I wouldn’t be jealous of any of them since its it not natural beauty. People who does plastic surgery are disgusting.

  36. h,yeah they had surgery,sorry to busrt your bubbles,I don’t think growing up can change your face that drasticly,if you look at the average korean woman.Good shot though ^^
    Many people think Yoona didn’t have ANY plastic surgery,but she actually had her jawbones done,and if you look closer,you can see it.Seoyhun is probably the naturalest,argue me down,just look.They all have loads of makeup.Loads,all of em do,so does every kpop star,even men.I mean,cmon?They are no different from anybody from korea,if they wherent famous,theyd look the same way.And what does it matter who has plastic surgery or not?Their famous,your not,and until you have the time to meet them personally,be their friend,you shouldn’t judge him or her.And if you disagree,I’ll list everyone of their surgery,some slight,but they all did,no matter what you think,we will never know so stfu.These are differences I see:

    Yoona:Chin;Shorter rounded/Nose;pointier










  37. yolanda says:

    yoona is the best!!!!

  38. … Meh i don t really care whether they had plastic surgery or not.. they re just bad singers.. and dancers.. LOL there live concert mistakes are really funny.

  39. wow, most except for maybe sooyoung, yoona, jessica, and seohyeon scream nose job!

  40. Nabilah Nur Shabrina (INA) says:

    Yoona is beautiful !

  41. Verencia says:

    Yoona isn’t so different at all

  42. Yoona looks the same n is very pretty :)

  43. lotsa make up, skin whitener, hair extensions and lost kilograms. don’t think any ot them had a plastic surgery.

  44. Anyone who has ever had a daughter, sister, or relative who they have watched grow up, lose weight, lose babyfat, put on makeup, do professional photos, change hairstyle, etc. knows that there is a lot that can be done to change someone’s appearance. Especially when one goes through the teen years to adulthood, (which is the case with these girls) so much can change, even things like your face shape and nose can change. But if one goes in with the assumption of guilt then anything can be proven to be plastic surgery. Without a doctor’s note, and an immediate before & after photo during the same time period and at the same exact angle, how can you know for certain?

  45. behind a successful person lies a bunch of haters >.< bitter.

  46. Miss LobakLobak says:

    hah ?? it’s really ?? buti can accept it .. because so many korean artist make surgery ..
    but to u all ., who anti with Girl Generation ., Please don’t curse girl Generation member ..
    i’m begging to u all .. Please .. don’t judge them .. we not perfect too .. i’m very begging to u all ..

  47. Miss LobakLobak says:


    • Anonymous says:

      You’re so very wrong grammar….
      But you’re right snsd and we supporters of snsd are not perfect too.

  48. AnonymousME says:

    Well, for 100% sure that all of these girls using plastic surgery but it doesn’t change the fact that they’re the best and popular singers! :D:D:D:D I’m not into SNSD since I’m currently spazzing in a complete craze by SHINee!!! :D:D:D Kyaaaaah! Anyway, it’s not really surprising that almost all of the Korean actors and singers are using plastic surgery well except SHINee~~~~ :D:D:D:D:D that’s what I know though.

  49. Casey Hutchison says:

    what ever they had plastic surgery or not they r still good singers is just they want to be mote attractive isn’t it, lol we cant even sing like them. I really dun want to insult them but really it is not good to cover their own face.

  50. Im n0t anti ’em , im not jealous ’em but they just plastic girls , who hate their own face . Nomatter wat Ugly or pretty thats ur mother gave you . Remember SNSD f**k you jessica slut

  51. jessica didn’t get surgery (she just doesn’t look her best without makeup, still today even). anyway a lovely unique beauty. plus a hilarious personality!

    yoona was an adorable kid… but her nose and jaw changed during puberty… so she had them changed back (nose job because her nose wasn’t symmetrical and slight jaw shave). anyway, sweet girl.

    sooyoung might have gotten a little done on her nose before debut… but otherwise she looked great… then she just had to go and get more work done on her nose and something weird done to her cheeks… but she is fun!

    yuri should have chosen between her nose job and double eyelid surgery… i think she should have left her eyes (she could have pulled it off like ga-in… SEXY) and only minorly tweeked her nose if she really wanted to (but i think her tiny nose was a little over board). great dancer.

    hyoyeon, honestly idk! i think she got her eyes done and maybe her nose a little… but i feel that overall her features aren’t the kind that can be easily changed with surgery. anyway, hard working girl!

    sunny, nose job and double eyelid. but funny and great on shows!

    seohyun… at debut i don’t think she had done anything… but later got work on her eyes.

    taeyeon… idk. maybe a little to the eyes and nose (nothing major, kept it looking natural)

    tiffany… tiffany… tiffany… eyes, nose, jaw… sorry but it’s too obvious. BUT HEY, she looks great now (and still different… natural eye smile, bigger nose just symmetrical now, still a somewhat bigger face). and it’s not anyone’s fault what they are born looking like. she got tasteful work done (except perphaps the most recent jaw shave).

    ANYWAY, i consider myself a SONE (i LOVE SNSD) and just because they got plastic surgery doesn’t change that they are great performers. plus most korean girl group members got work done. it is sad because alot of girls look better before their surgeries… single eyelids are pretty too!

  52. Anonymous says:

    it’s nice to know that they were all “normal” girls before… just like “us” . just proves we all have the potential to be as pretty no? :) also, they probably went through alot to transform like that. no need to hate.

  53. Tiffany has the largest difference~

  54. No offense, but they’ll look alike.

  55. did yoona,jessica and seohyun olso undergoes plastic surgergy or dy r natural beauty. i tink d rest of der band members ve done plastic surgery cos dy r totali different compared 2 der childhood photos

  56. I think Yoona and Seohyun didn’t undergo any surgery.Both natural

  57. Anonymous says:

    I still Love SNSD…
    Certified S<3NES

  58. PABO :))

  59. I guess only yoona & seohyun have natural beauty there.

  60. mikkah alyzza says:

    only yoona have natural beauty.

  61. iih snsd aslinya jelek banget :p

  62. justbeurself says:

    memang lah muka diorang lain..
    cuba tengok gambar before tu gambar lama2 waktu mereka kacil lagi..
    now they are artist of course la make up, kuruskan badan, diet, buat rawatan muka, pakai product hilangkan jerawat la dan sebagainya..
    mesti la muka diorang jadi macam tu..
    kalau diorang buat plasic surgery pon bukannya semua..
    lagipon kita ni bukan nya family atau friends diorang..
    kita mana tau mereka buat apa..
    fikir guna otak la..
    just want to share my opinions.. thats my opinions not yours.. so,.. jangan ckp saya ni buat tau lebih.. ok???

  63. justbeurself says:

    and one more i want to say..
    dont judge them..
    go and look your face in mirror..
    everyone are not perfect..
    and make up can make everything..
    dont you know that ???

  64. Lee Hye Ra says:

    ada kalanya saat kita berfoto,namun hasilnya kurng bgus,

  65. They all looks the same to me.Peoples changes due puberty,maturity and weight loss and as an artist they got high class SFX makeup.I’ve seen their pre debut video an nothing drastically different from now or then.Don’t just because Korea’s well known as a ‘plastic country’ we tagged all of them gone under cosmetic surgery.

    • everybody must live their nature face.They should not do like that,they are lying people with their imitations,they are liars,i hate them.

  66. i think some of them undergo plastic surgery because as you see some of their photos change a bit on their nose,eyes and even their complexion.they want it so let it be.but your fans only want the truth behind it so i guess they just have to tell the truth rather than a lie

  67. ambe123 says:

    i’m so admire to yoona….so plez don’t judge with your opinion without any strongest proof

  68. whatevermajorloser says:

    Complexion can be lighter if u take some Vitamin C pills. Nose can be perfect if u did some shading. Power of makeup, remember? Don’t simply accuse. And if they did it, can’t u just enjoy the view? Just shut up and enjoy. Lame on you.

  69. Anonymous says:

    maybe they are not he same as they were before becoming who they are now.. they underwent several months up to years in training.. and a person’s appearance gradually changes as they age..

  70. Angry Girls (SNSD Fans) says:

    Why do you torment my idol?
    Are you jealous of their beauty?
    Go mirror yourself first …
    You’re beautiful or handsome?
    No one is perfect …
    Only God alone is perfect …
    The cameras of yore …
    May not be perfect little …
    Camera nowadays, not even what is not perfect, because it can be edited again …
    I hate very much to the fans who envy blind to Girls’ Generation (SNSD) who has said bad words to my idol …
    And I will always support them until the end of my life …

  71. Anonymous says:

    seohyun face the same

  72. SoNyuhShiDae says:

    They didn’t have plastic surgery. Their face just matured. Take a photo of yourself now and compare it to a photo when you were young. Do you look the same? Even a years different would do. Are you the same face that you were a year ago? Everybody matures, even if you lose some weight, you look different.

    • its the truth, they S.M. even said it. don´t be blinded, most of them were clearly undergoing surgery.

      • CommonSense says:

        When did SM say anything? Their make-up is heavy and look at the photos they are comparing their older pictures with. The photoshoot photos are being compared to their faces when they were young ( when they didnt use heavy make up in photoshoots)
        Obviously they would look different because the angles of the photo’s are different & they made a different face* on each pic.

        I tried taking pics of myself in different angles & with different faces & i looked different.
        My face matured more too cause i had baby fat when i was young.

  73. It’s quite common for korean stars to do plastic surgery. If they don’t make themselves prettier, will you even support them? If you csn’t accept that they are ‘fake’, just keep your comments and don’t watch their videos etc. No need for such comments.

  74. kiutmiut says:

    its true jessica get plastic surgery to make her jaw a little bit sharp. i just saw it on SBS last month.

  75. do you know what is make up skill.
    most of the girl will look different after make up.
    SNSD too!!

  76. They Really Did A Surgery Except For Seohyun, Yoona and Taeyeon. I’m Pretty Sure Of It. :)

  77. They all had plastic surgery. Even if not all, most of them did. Sure, make up is powerful but just look at the eyes and how some has gotten bigger. They had human faces, now they have doll faces. They don’t even look like human no more. Only plastic surgery can do that. They were just average girls, now they are goddesses, and it was plastic surgery that made it possible.

  78. Anonymous says:

    they didn’t undergo surgeries! Take a photo of yourself and compare it to d old one, do you look like pretty after all?? They grew up that’s why there faces has changed, and also d makeups, try to notice if you put makeup on your face, there’s a lil change, right? They’re naturally gorgeously hot!

  79. Anonymous says:

    i think yoona and seohyun its natural beauty because their face does
    n’t change a lot

  80. A Lover says:

    did surgery or not….
    they are still pretty,talented and lovable…

  81. Anonymous says:

    If you look at it un-biased their faces are the same.
    You can look up some videos with the girls without makeup and clearly see they are natural.
    I really dont like fanbases arguing, it doesnt bring the least to making k-pop more popular.

  82. When Jessica were young. She wore braces and because of that her jaw looks sharper. If you all can see anybody wear a braces, it can change their shape of jaw..

    • i think they did’nt take any surgery they just did treatment like dieting,cosmetics,braces…and other…its natural to change faces when they growing up…all of theirs pictures are look the same.. they seem all natural..they all beautiful now cause they took care of themselves specially there faces and body…
      Still Lovely ^^

    • Anonymous says:

      jessica still beautiful…before plastic surgery and after

  83. Its called growing up people.

  84. imtiyala says:

    For me after seeing and scrutinizing those before surgery photos, i should say that they did a surgery becoz there’s a vast difference or i say a drastic change where all of the members has metamorphosed into a totally different identity.

  85. i think they don`t take plastic surgery because their faces are just same

  86. IMO, I think that most of them had surgeries. It’s not called growing up. Puberty and adolescence does not produce hormones that would make your eyes bigger and give you double eyelids or make your nose higher or smaller. A person’s eyes does NOT naturally get bigger no matter what you do unless you undergo operation. Most members probably had nose jobs and eye enhancements procedures.
    I think among the 9, YoonA looks the most natural, either she’s a natural born beauty or her doctor is REALLY good.

    • Yuristable says:

      of all people in the survey that Yuri has the best skin ~
      and I think they all do not do plastic surgery
      and Taeyeon has said that he did not do plastic surgery

  87. I think they don’t do the plastic surgery cuz when we grow up our face will change and it is imposible that they do the plastic surgery!!! I LOVE YOU GIRLS GENERATION!!!! :)

  88. i think that seohyun has the last difference between her younger self n older self.

  89. Anonymous says:

    A lot of people are missing the impact that the damn good make-up artists make on those pictures. >_>

  90. Anonymous says:

    I can never be sure about this issue but when I was young I would have one double eyelid on one eye and single on the other but as I grew up to a teen suddenly both my eyes went double lidded. Though slowly throughout the years sometimes it reappeared again and I figured it out that when I did not get enough sleep it would be double but when like I slept 14 hrs then I would like get single, but then as I get more tired throughout the day it goes to double. Lol. It’s really weird. But right nowadays it has been double for a long time now, prob. Cause I’m more busy these days with school. Hehehe.

  91. Zafirah Auni says:

    SNSD is a lot of plastic surgery.. But, for Yoona’s pictures, there are not one that change.. There are same. I’m hear, Yoona has a beautiful and natural beauty face. You not belive my story?? Try search, -snsd yoona without makeup. Everything are not changing! I belive that Yoona has one beautiful and natural beauty face!

    • Dude…..voted by most of the fans seo hyun is the one the most natural beauty though yoona is beautiful….i dont believe they all did plastic surgery

    • Yes I agree with you! Yoona face look really natural. Hyoyeon face doesn’t change either. Some of my friend says that Seohyun got an eye surgery.

  92. Anonymous says:

    You realize that these pictures aren’t accurate if you compare them to the photos in which they have make up on? Make up makes a hell lot of a difference. It will be much more accurate to compare the before pics with the pics of them without make up on right now.

  93. I don’t think they all did plastic surgery or could be liable as the most. I call it growing up/maturity.

  94. Tiffany im sorry but its obvious you got a nose job.

  95. ermmm.. i think yoona is beautiful and naturaly … yoona so cute without makeup or use makeup.. ahahah.. whatever !! yoona so beauriful!!

  96. They are all cute! & they are not afraid of people see their old pictures. They even make performances without make up!! That’s what make them beautiful ^^ ♥

  97. I think all of them have natural looks.Everyone changes when they reach full maturity.I think they all have natural beautiful looks :) I mean I don’t think…I am sure of it :) lol xD

  98. Anonymous says:

    Seouhyun yr beautifull natural

  99. For me is not a problem what the look of their past/before.what we look is not their body or face but,their heart and their talent.I don’t care is thei do plastic surgery or not because is not my problem.they beautifull just the way they are and they was work in front of public right ?and they was Girlband so they have to be beautifull and talentic.

  100. Yoona and Seohyun is more better..Like them!! ;D

  101. Andromeda says:

    Look Hyoyeon Face like Hermaphrodite, but now she’s like Aphrodite. Yoona is Beautiful Ever After,,

  102. yuri looks different than now,,,and tifany looks like lee hyori

  103. seo hyun and yoona looks like they did not make any plastic surgery
    are tae yon and sunny fat before??>_<..LOL

  104. Yonna & Seohyun seems to look pretty since they were young, looks more like natural beauty especially Yonna, she’s so gorgeous <3

  105. min thant soung says:

    Taeyeon is always beautiful

  106. i think yoona and seohyun doesn’t do the surgery beause their pic before and after doesn’nt look different.they’re natural beauty.i like them! mostly yoona!

  107. I don’t think they did any plastic surgery. It’s called growing up, i also didn’t look the same when i was a kid before and i didn’t make any plastic surgery. Until now, if you look at Sica’s eyes, it’s not balance. It’s all make-up, but with their bare face, you will see there’s not much different with their face. Im just saying.

  108. i think yoona,seohyun and taeyeon doesn’t do the surgery beause their pic before and after doesn’nt look different.they’re natural beauty.

  109. yoona is natural beauty is awesome

  110. Sooyoung’s third picture made me laugh so hard.. :D

  111. I think they all looked about equally cute as kids as they do now and whether or not they had work done they’re all lovely.

  112. Yoona is natural beauty!!AWESOME!

  113. HyoyeonFAns says:

    I think seohyun,yoona and taeyeon were did’nt modified their face because After and Before pic does not had differents.For me,seohyun still pretty even she was child…. I LOVE SEOHYUN :D

    • i like your comment seohyun,yoona and taeyeon didn’t do the surgery………..
      love seohyun so much ………………..lve your natural beuty

  114. Syanelia Fristila says:

    I disagree with this page, actually SNSD is not plastic surgery. the face of those who used to be with that right now it’s very similar and there is no difference at all, even those that do not use makeup on their faces certainly do not like the same faces when using makeup. so the core artist of south korea is a clever use of make-up. what do you understand ???

  115. taeyeon's lover says:

    taeyeon is natural lol~~~

  116. justine briza says:

    seohyun is very natural and yoona too

  117. anti yo0na says:

    i hate yoona ! :P
    she’s not pretty :P

  118. i do really love seohyun she’s really beutiful even she’s younger!!!

  119. seohyun is definitely more beautiful than yoona!she has a baby face!

  120. Who cares they did plastic surgery or not , if they are pretty to you . It’s alright. =)

  121. ……. Half of them got their nose done..

  122. all of them are pretty…. but i think
    the most original is yoona and seohyun

  123. FlorenceWoo says:

    Actually,u guys don’t understand…Taeyeon and Seohyun didn’t….But the others did ^^ Taeyeon and Seohyun are natural..And their are getting older..So,Our whole body change…Pls understand..and Sory 4 my english..Thank You

  124. Jessica is the prettiest :p

  125. blablablaaa says:

    all members SNSD is Pretty …….. i think they dont have plastic sugery because they face is same ._. but i dont know . but i think they dont have plastic sugery

  126. yoona sarang hae says:

    yoona is the only one that don’t do plastic surgery..

  127. Only yoona and seohyun didnt do plasticsurgery.the rest,im sorry but i think they did it cause look atthe differences people

  128. No, they dont have plastic surgery. Maybe because we saw them at their young age where they are not mature enough. And, they are also active every year so that we saw them changing in the presence of maturity. Their beauty is natural.

  129. Carlosythy says:

    Obiamente se sabia que todas pasaron por el quirofano..

  130. youna & seohyun look beautifull before & after … i like snsd very much…good luck

  131. and yes i don’t think they have done a plastic sugery

  132. Hey, I think it’s just because of the website. They posted the pictures that makes us think that they did plastic surgery. Definitely manipulated. They have much more beautiful past photos than these. Just as I said, they are manipulating us to think they had it.

  133. can someone tell if they did had surgery i wanna have FACTS about it

    • For what i know, Yuri does have plastic surgery for double eye-lid. Im not sure about the rest…. but almost all Korean DONT have double eye-lid unless they undergone plastic surgery for permanent or doing this kind of make up to get double eye-lid temporarily. But, most Korean celebrity does PS to get double eye-lid permanently and or fix their noses. Some of ordinary ppl who dont have enough money will only do temporarily double eye-lid. You can check out on youtube to know how they did the double eye-lid temporarily.

  134. Some of them had plastic surgery.

  135. jhowenalyn says:

    for me! snsd didnt do surgery! its so obvious!!! i make it clerly snsd didnt do it! look at their faces specially seohyun and yoona so the same!!!

  136. Only yoona and seohyun didn’t do it… You can’t see how ugly the other are really are? in my opinion girls generation with their natural faces are the ugliest kpop singers. I can’t how their kids will look like untill they get their plastic surgery.

  137. OMG, Their so beautiful ..

  138. Roan Trisha says:

    But Yoona And Seohyun Always Pretty :D

  139. Yoona Yuri so cute

  140. Cute all

  141. Yoona i think she is natural

    • Yoona is not natural. I have nothing against snsd since I’m korean and proud of out music culture and love it myself. Look at the music video ‘Super Junior U’. They all did some tweaking and I know this because my dad used to work with actresses and actors in korea.

  142. i think yoona and seohyun ang clse sa mukha nila dati at ngayon

  143. khine thazin says:

    seohyun is very beautiful

  144. claudine kaye yap says:

    i’m not accusing that others had undergo i’m not also saying that yoona and seohyun didn’t do so but i think seohyun and yoona’s beauty is natural and effortless

    • I agree with u, only that two girls have natural beauty.. no plastic surgery at all ;)

      • Anonymous says:

        only seo hyun snsd didn’t have plastic sugery

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL YoonA didn’t have plastic sugery, SeoHyun made eyes surgery, but its more natural than Jessica’s surgery

          • Anonymous says:

            I love the natural beauty of both yoona and seohyun! I can’t believe to the other girls above who’ve undergo plastic surgeries, i’m not impressed to their beauties anymore. what about the other members? there are 9 of them right??

          • Anonymous says:

            No, she didn’t, it only looks like that cos she DOES have eye makeup on, and to that, is very light also.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont think also that snsd yuri have cosmetic but seo and yoona is natural :D

  145. Yuri so cute
    Yoona so cute

  146. Yoona Ah says:

    Yoona is so beautiful

    Did yoona and seohyun have plastic surgery ?

  147. All 9 members did plastic surgery..
    yes…yoona is beautiful…but i’m pretty sure she had a nose job and something medical to reduce her eye bag problem..
    no bash..

  148. I like all of your natural beauty.:D :D :D ♥♥♥~~

  149. jascha says:

    Is This true all of the have been taken a plastic surgery so they will look so beautiful?

  150. They’ve all had minor surgeries, though Sunny, Tiffany and Hyoyeon did more intense surgery on just one or two parts of their faces… they are all still natural beauties to me!!! And guys, you do know that in the after photos they have eye makeup, so of course they look different!!

  151. peaktra sone says:

    I think Seohyun and Yoona are natural beauty. I think my eyes not wrong? if you look at their pic angain between Seo and Yoon. I still think they look the same. No wonder people always change when they get older. So are they.

  152. I think Taeyeon just changed a weight , Her face is just the same when she’s young

  153. Anonymous says:

    yoona look natural beautiful girls.

  154. britniy says:

    yöona so beautiful girls. Yoona natural beuty. Yoona the best.

  155. taeyeon saranghae ^^ :)

  156. Anonymous says:

    yoona is naturall beauty ^•^
    love u so much yoong

  157. Minnthuzarkhaing says:

    I love girls’ generation! Thank u for giving Nice music to me gg(snsd) , i very crazy to snsd,(taeyeon,jassica,tiffany)

  158. Xyryll Sapatua says:

    I love girls generation! Onjena Youngwonhee

  159. Wow, Super Extreme Changes x_x

  160. I’m confused with all of you.. .-.

  161. I can be even prettier than them if it only takes a plastic surgery!!!

  162. anonymous says:

    Seohyun Nattural beauty even when young…

  163. Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun is very natural and Hyoyeon, Sooyoung is very extreme!

  164. OMG! Tae Yeon’s natural beauty is ugly. Sunny is really ugly before, Yuri too, and Soo Young. Hyo Yeon? No changes at all. She’s always ugly. If it is not for her dancing, I’ll not be a fan of her. And Tiffany, Jessica, YoonA and Seo Hyun are the true goddess, as I look in their before after pictures, I think they have the least surgical operations. Their beauty is what you called the true beauty.

  165. the third photo of soo young wasn’t her.

  166. for me yoona and seo hyun is the most beautiful on all ..

  167. yoona have a natural beautiful ;))

  168. YOONA !! YOONA !! YOONA !! Haha .. <3

  169. natural beauty pala ahehe .. :D

  170. yoona and seohyun is the most beautiful at all……:-)

  171. rosemarie says:

    ….akala ko dti taeyeon is the most beautiful,kc
    mrming ngssbi na mganda dw sya,pero i knew that
    Yoona and Seohyun is the true face of Snsd..XD

  172. Guys don’t hate them
    so what if they have a plastic surgery? remember : they became famous not only because of their faces but also in their talents. they can Sing,they can dance and they can act too.I love girl’s generation forever

  173. they are all pretty..!
    especially taeyeon and sooyoung!!!
    #<3them all

  174. i dont think Yoona, Yuri and Seohyun did any surgery at all…Tiffany lost weight the others i think got small things fixed… but well i really dont know anything about the subject

    • Anonymous says:

      Yoona and seohyun looks the same as their childhood pictures.. It’s yuri that doesn’t look the same..

      • Amano souma says:

        Totally yuri and tiffany maybe cause her skin was darker of she might have lose weight and brighten her skin

        • Anonymous says:

          i’m thankful there are still people like Seohyun who knows how to appreciate and are satisfied with God’s gift with them.
          love you Seohyun!!!!!your more than gorgeous already!!!!

  175. Anonymous says:

    all of them got plastic surgery.. just focus on the shape of their face and you’ll see the difference between their previous face.. i think it’s the nose, eyes (it got even bigger), shape of their face(most of them had the same shape), and also the lips..

  176. Surgery's Haterss says:

    jessica is beautiful but her face was the bad than the other before the surgery . all snsd member do the surgery . i don’t like snsd for really . hyoyeon , her nose after and before is totally different ! yoona before face is long than yoona after face which is small . All of them do the surgery . actually , jessica is the worst . eeee , yuck ! majority of them do the surgery at their nose . jessica’s sister , krystal f(x) does not doing any surgery but her so pretty !

    • Amano souma says:

      No you can see the shape of her face really well cause the pic was like u have to make you forehead outward a bit and your chin inward

    • Amano souma says:

      I meant cant seethe shape of yoonas face .warning never let yoona prepare food for a picnic if she is your friend and like a field trip cause she might make salt kimbap just saying jessica to if you know them really like friends dont
      Let them do it

    • Sugery’s haterss !!!
      don’t say like that stay in her place and think
      (warning)i don’t think u don’t like them because uare ugly
      don’t touch jessica(dave john zam)

    • Anonymous says:


  177. yuri isn’t beautiful at all. before and after. most especially before. honestly, her face sucks. ryt now, yes she have improved yet so simple.

  178. yoona is really pretty even she doesn’t undergo that so-called plastic surgery…
    oh well all of them are pretty and i love them all but i love yoona more <3.. hahaha..
    YoonAddict Forever <3

  179. Anonymous says:

    it’s so sad that korean people don’t have the self-esteem for who they really are, they have to get surgery.. And be a fake to accept themselves.. Seriously.. They gotta be thankful of what god gave them.. If u take surgery.. It’s disrespect to god because it means you’re not grateful of what god has given u.

  180. sone/exotic/person says:

    for Sooyoung, is the third pic actually her?

    • Amano souma says:

      No definitely maybe they can find any other photo the second one was just too much of a close up

    • snsdforevssooyoung says:

      I think she’s in the 3rd pic. But I think she has some event that time that’s why she wore some native look make-up.

  181. Amano souma says:

    I think yoona didnt do the p surgery cause those pics are more like just growing up and seohyun and jessica just take the picture and draw some hair on her forehead it does seem close more than that jessica wears a lot of make up on stage

  182. truely , snsd just do plastic surgery exept taeyeon ~

  183. To me , Jessica and Taeyeon are the prettiest but my favorite is Yoona . Don’t have a reason , I think she’s got a lot of charm .

  184. Yoona didnt change at all. Love yoona forever.

  185. annoynamus says:

    my favoourite is seohyoen

  186. Just says says:

    hmmmm.., all members is so beauty.but my favourite is taeyeon and fany…

  187. seol-hanna says:

    YOONA!!!!! the prettiest…..ALWAYS like mee…..!! hehe

  188. Jessica Stiffany says:

    maybe peoples say, they do a plastic surgery. but, that just in another view… I believe it…
    #love you Tae,Yul,Ice prince, eye smile…

  189. Puteri Novian says:

    Yoona always beautiful to me ^^ she’s very charming girl

  190. Anonymous says:

    I think Seohyun is the one who did not had a plastic
    surgey at all, because she is religious and maybe in this
    year, she has more become beautiful because of our
    generations and maybe also her personal stylish who
    did a great job to do our maknae beautiful as always

  191. prettyinpink says:

    everything changes cause of makeup… nose contour, bigger eyes, and a smaller face thats all

    • Anonymous says:

      that is true prettyinpink i was so surprised to find them ugly but i think without makeup sooyoung is the best

  192. i think seohyun and yoona doesn’t change a bit… really natural beauty

  193. Seohyun & Yoona… all natural, no plastic surgery. most of them done nose job…well, it’s their life though, who cares. but Seohyun is my bias in beauty & Taeyeon in vocals.

  194. hyoyeontrazo says:

    .. Oh my God!! Kim Hyoyeon is the best.. Saranghae!!!

  195. byun baekhyun says:

    Im yoon ah is my lovely

  196. jessica says:

    they want to be a perfect one!

  197. Anonymous says:

    They re looks pretty even without surgery, only face changed, but the Gen not change, useless, only burning money ( looks like for them are nothing ) :)

    One of the seohyun fan,

  198. Miralona q. says:

    For me…is not issue if you want to change your apperance…but in good way…but they make money for there good looks…and made us fool…sorry if i hurt somebody for my comment

  199. helere condes pasculado says:

    hat matter what happen i will always love the snsd forever
    :) <3<3 <3

  200. helere condes pasculado says:

    always love snsd :) <3 <3 <3

  201. Sok Heang says:

    I felt it nomarl for them .

  202. Sok Heang says:

    Emmm….their are Really beauty …even not natural .

  203. it’s not just before, snsd still doing plastic surgeries after debut. their face still change in the past 2-3 years.

  204. i the snow princess says:

    yoona doesn’t even look like doing plastic surgery! she seems like she doesn’t!!!

  205. Tiffany and Yoona are pretty and cute! I like both of them the best!!!

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