Girls’ Generation (SNSD) before & after?

Photos of Korean pop group Girls’ Generation members when they were younger. There are rumours that their looks are not natural… I’ve no problem with plastic surgery to begin with, and facial appearance can change a lot with growth, weight control and makeup etc. Besides, it’s hardly conclusive with just a few pics. Judge for yourself…

SNSD Girls Generation Taeyeon before and after

SNSD Girls Generation Jessica before and after

SNSD Girls Generation Sunny before and after

SNSD Girls Generation Tiffany before and after

SNSD Girls Generation Hyoyeon before and after

SNSD Girls Generation Yuri before and after

SNSD Girls Generation Sooyoung before and after

SNSD Girls Generation Yoona before and after

SNSD Girls Generation Seohyun before and after

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  1. To me , Jessica and Taeyeon are the prettiest but my favorite is Yoona . Don’t have a reason , I think she’s got a lot of charm .

  2. Yoona didnt change at all. Love yoona forever.

  3. annoynamus says:

    my favoourite is seohyoen

  4. Just says says:

    hmmmm.., all members is so beauty.but my favourite is taeyeon and fany…

  5. seol-hanna says:

    YOONA!!!!! the prettiest…..ALWAYS like mee…..!! hehe

  6. Jessica Stiffany says:

    maybe peoples say, they do a plastic surgery. but, that just in another view… I believe it…
    #love you Tae,Yul,Ice prince, eye smile…

  7. Yoona always beautiful to me ^^ she’s very charming girl

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think Seohyun is the one who did not had a plastic
    surgey at all, because she is religious and maybe in this
    year, she has more become beautiful because of our
    generations and maybe also her personal stylish who
    did a great job to do our maknae beautiful as always

  9. prettyinpink says:

    everything changes cause of makeup… nose contour, bigger eyes, and a smaller face thats all

    • Anonymous says:

      that is true prettyinpink i was so surprised to find them ugly but i think without makeup sooyoung is the best

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