Ku Hye-sun profile biography

Ku Hye-sun is a multi-talented Korean actress, internationally known for her role in popular drama Boys Over Flowers. Besides her main acting career, she has also branched out into book-writing, painting, singing, song-writing, and film making.

Ku Hye-sun profile

Name: Ku Hye-sun
Korean name: 구혜선 / 具惠善
DOB: November 9, 1984
Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
Height: 163cm
Blood type: A
Profession: Actress, author, illustrator, singer, composer, and film director.

(Also credited as Koo Hye-sun, Gu Hye-sun, Goo Hye-sun, Ku Hye-seon etc.)

Ku Hye-sun biography

Ku Hye-sun was initially trained to become a singer with YG Entertainment, but made her entertainment career debut in a KBS drama in 2004 instead. She made her breakthrough in 2006 with hit drama Pure In Heart which won her a rookie award; she also sang the drama theme song Sarang-ga.

Ku Hye-sun played the lead in a couple of other dramas before landing her defining role in 2009 with Boys Over Flower which was a phenomenal hit across Asia. Her popularity is soaring ever since.

She published a romance novel Tango which was written while filming the drama. Included in the book were a few dozens of her illustration beside the main story. She held a solo exhibition later on to showcase her painting and art work.

Ku Hye-sun made her directorial debut with short movie A Cheerful Caretaker which was made in 2007 but was made public in May 2009. She released her first mini-album Breath in September with eight self-composed piano pieces.

Ku Hye-sun released a digital single Brown Hair in June 2010. Her first (directorial) full length movie Magic made its premier in the same month. She’s back into drama acting with The Musical which premiered in October.

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