The Sorcerer and The White Snake (2011) trailer & pics

Trailer of Chinese movie The Sorcerer And The White Snake, starring Jet Li, Eva Huang, Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, Wen Zhang and Vivian Hsu etc.

The movie is based on a Chinese myth about a scholar falling in love with a 1000-year-old demonic white snake which has taken human form.

The story has been adapted on stage plays, dramas and movies for countless times – but the focus has gradually shifted from the original horror tale into (ala Romeo & Juliet) romance, and this time into a fantasised action flick (the CGI sucks btw).

The main lead in this 2011 film is the demon-hunting monk/sorcerer (Jet Li) instead of the “couple”, unusual arrangement, but not unprecedented. Lots of new elements and characters are added though, arguably the most unoriginal adaptation ever.

The movie will premier in September. Poster image below, via Sohu [Cn]…

Jet Li The Sorcerer and The White Snake

Eva Huang The Sorcerer and The White Snake

Raymond Lam The Sorcerer and The White Snake

Charlene Choi The Sorcerer and The White Snake

Wen Zhang The Sorcerer and The White Snake

Vivian Hsu The Sorcerer and The White Snake

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  1. eva huang looks gorgeous.

  2. I love it!! : )

  3. really gorgeous pic of eve

    i really liked the movie but i think the director should continue its sequence…………….

    really want to meet eva huang…m one of her fan………

  4. Anonymous says:

    i vove this movie and also i m the big fan of eva.i want to meet u

  5. Anonymous says:

    i want to spend some time with eva and also make friendship with eva.

  6. its very beautiful watching the movie we enjoy it and Eva Huang looks very gorgeous and sexy.

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