Toyota Camry 2012 webseries – feat Lee Minho

Japanese car maker Toyota has launched a global marketing campaign for its new Camry model via a mini web series, titled The One and Only and starring Korean actor Lee Minho. Two of the four episodes (~ 5mins each) have been released…

Ep1 Entune (official snippets): Our hero suddenly rises from a coma. He has no idea who or where he is. All he has are the keys to his 2012 Toyota Camry. When he gets inside, something triggers a flood of images from his past. Then, when he uses the Camry’s Entune system, a key memory sets him on his journey. Don’t miss a minute of the Camry and the drama.

Ep2 MPG: Our hero’s journey continues. With its “Best in Class” MPG rating, the Camry takes him farther, and more importantly, brings him closer to the truth. But when he discovers that something is about to happen that will take his life and love away from him forever, he must race to stop it. Don’t miss a minute of the Camry and the drama.

Ep3 BSM: Time is running out for our hero. During an exciting driving sequence, the Camry’s Blind Spot Monitor helps him notice two motorcycles in hot pursuit. Will he get away and make it to his destination before it’s too late? Don’t miss a minute of the Camry and the drama.

Ep4 Airbags: In the dramatic conclusion of “The One and Only”, our hero must prove his identity to win back the love of his life. Without the Camry, he would not have made it this far, and there’s no way he’s going to give up now. Don’t miss a minute of the Camry and the drama.

Toyota Camry 2012 with Lee Minho

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  1. With its completely redesigned new 2012 Camry, the Japanese automaker, Toyota is expecting some good results in terms of overall sales globally. It is coming out in 4-different trim levels including base L, LE, XLE, and SE.

  2. so, who’s the real Joon…?

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