Girls’ Generation – Oh! music video

Music video of Oh! by Korean pop group Girls’ Generation, title track of their second full length album which has just been released…

Cute video, but just an ok song. The Koreans seem to like it though; the lyrics obviously hit the right spot (girls’ love confession to guys) among the male fans as the album is selling like hot cakes and set to top every major music charts.

And the badass look at the end of the video… it’s said to be a teaser for their next promotional track, which actually seems a bit more promising image wise.

[Update] The ‘badass’ music video is here, titled RunDevilRun.

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  1. Ma Jie Mao says:

    American Football? What are they trying to come to America too? That doesn’t make much sense for a Korean Music Video.

  2. I just like the Oh! chorus part LOL..

  3. SNSD is so cute so i dun really iond the melody.haha.lame me

  4. kwon yuri jjang! says:

    hey yout know what? oh! is not a boring song. f**k you

  5. i think the song is not bad, not catchy as gee or genie, but not bad. valentine’s day coming, so its a perfect song for lonely guys with no gt lol.

  6. *gf, girlfriend.

  7. shut up look at ’em how cute they are

    there is American football because they want to show something that makes people more happy —

  8. Fan of SNSD says:

    ↑ why is he swearing at him/her;;;

    anyway, I think this song is much better than I expected cuz

    I always liked Girl’s generation’s songs but there was something 2% more needed.

    However, this song actually feel different. ☆★☆? ★☆★? anyway I like this song too cuz there is a great vocal in it.

    Hope you enjoy GG’s songs ^^

  9. sunny flower says:

    they were great!! born not just to sing n dance but to become a real well-rounded artist..!modeling, actress, singer, dancer, comedian…ect

  10. shut said diz song was boring!!!ur d boring!!hehe!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    potang ina lng poh

  12. Anonymous says:

    oh! the girls generation is pretty….x)

  13. Anonymous says:

    wow….. oh. girls generation is sO pREtty………….

  14. Anonymous says:


  15. i really like ther songs its cute,ther also cute…

  16. the oh! song is too great!

  17. ang ganda talaga na snsd ? lalo na si kwon yuri

  18. i like girl”s generation s0 much

  19. Im korean and i didnt know about there are many informations about korean in internet. it pretty fun hehe.
    and we are improvin and i hope to korean will grow up like us.
    난 한국인인데 인터넷에 이렇게 많은 한국 정보가 있는 줄 몰랐다 좀 흥미롭다ㅋ
    우리나라 존나 크고 있어 미국처럼 커야되

  20. tiffany ira hajira says:

    I love your guys songS!!

  21. lovely

  22. las girl generation no son aburridas y si se trata de ofenderlas mejor veta a la …. por q yo soy fan de ellas ok haci que si te metes con ellas te metes con migo

  23. Oh! It’s very fantastic i like you’re fashion. It’s so colorfull 100%. But you must be so fashinista 100% ok!

  24. Anonymous says:

    in OH! song,i love jessica..she is very beautiful.

  25. SOOYOUNG!!!!! your so beautiful!!!

  26. i also have a jacket like the one that they used in their music video in oh! but its only a look alike. . .because mine is purple!!!

  27. i love girl’s generation ,they are hot, cool, funny and kind .i wish for them the best

  28. girl’s generation are cool

  29. jessica jung says:

    love u alll…hehehe

  30. nadien dice nada de las girls porque si disen algo de eyas o se meten con ellas se van a meter con mi tio de 14 años el baila como ellas ok jajajajajajajaajajajajajjajaja

  31. Dinpuii Chhakchhuak says:

    i love your guys singing..esp.yoona and jessica

  32. tiffanyfans says:

    this is for fany :<3 <3

  33. i very2 like girl generation

  34. ohh bangetttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  35. i love all snsd esp sunny,heoyun


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