SNSD The Boys music video & pics

Music video of The Boys, title track of pop group Girls’ Generation’s third Korean album which will be released on October 19. The song is composed and arranged by American producer Teddy Riley, and it’s released in both Korean and English…

Not liking the song a single bit; probably the worst title track I’ve heard from Girls’ Generation. It’s also pretty apparent that none of the SNSD members can rap; there’s a few decent vocalists in the group which I adore, but rapping is a different matter. No comment on the English, kinda expected that (not bad, not good either).

The girls look amazing though; and here’s a couple of their new photos as consolation, via Sosiz [Kr] and Snsdpics. Click pics for full size image…

Girls Generation The Boys concept photo

SNSD The Boys concept picture

SNSD The Boys concept photo

Check out The Boys’ teaser images from an earlier post, and also some new solo pics on next post (link below). I’ve posted the English lyrics as well by request.

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