Going to Hong Kong & Macau

Hong Kong wonton noodleWill be leaving to Hong Kong and Macau tonight. AFAIK the hotels I’m staying do not have free internet connection, so this blog is not likely to be updated in the next 8-9 days during the travel.

This will be my second visit to Hong Kong, you can check my 2007 trip if interested. It’s going to be my first visit to Macau – the Las Vegas of the East, or Asia, as some say.

Meanwhile, I’ve added a new featured stories category for this blog, which includes some of the most popular blog posts and a few of my personal favourites. Check that out if you are bored, or if you are pretty new to the site and have missed some of those interesting stuff in the past few months.

Stay tune for my Hong Kong & Macau travelogue, ciao :)

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  1. Well, first time here, and your blog quite informative. Hoping to understand more about the Asian culture here :)

  2. w00t, have a safe trip ^.^

  3. Have a safe vacation.
    Looking forward to ur ‘review’ on Macau.

  4. Yein Jee says:

    Nice to hear from you Calvin,

    Thanks for the wishes guys :)

  5. Looking for your travelogue!
    Take care

  6. have nice tripe!
    i will wait for yr better posts in future.

  7. what is that food in the picture?

  8. chinno… that’s wonton (Chinese dumpling) noodles, one of the iconic Hong Kong foods, pretty popular in Cantonese regions.

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