Hawaii Five-0

Sneak peak (premier episode) for the 2010 version of American TV series Hawaii Five-0. The crime-action drama has just started showing at my place earlier this month; should be at least a few episodes ahead in the US & Canada…

The only thing I remember from the original Hawaii Five-O is the epic theme song; and it’s quite an old series so there’s no point comparing both. There are hits and misses with the 2010 show… Hawaii looks great, action is decent, but the script (the dialogues in particular) is poor, and the cast is doing just ok.

The Asian actors caught my interest at first; after all it’s not often to see Asians taking half a portion of the main cast (i.e. Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim & Grace Park) in a US drama series. Grace Park took me to the second episode, and even she could do nothing as I halted before the third.

American TV series Hawaii Five 0

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