Jewelry the cheerleaders

Korean pop group Jewelry in pinkish cheerleading uniforms while filming a new MV for Everybody Shhh! on April 21. The girls are red hot at the moment, dominating the music charts with hit song One More Time. Images by Newsen [Kr].

Jewelry films new MV in cheerleaders uniforms

Korean pop group Jewelry in cheerleaders uniforms

Korean pop group Jewelry films new MV

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  1. ::*Wonder Girls Rulz*:: says:

    Wonder Girls wwwaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Jewelry!!!!!

    Jewelry’s “One More Time” imitates Wonder Girl’s “Tell Me” dance hype and discotic tunes. Jewelry are too old to act cute and they are plastic.

  2. ::*Wonder Girls Rulz*:: says:

    YeinJee you should post about Wonder Girls, they are very popular too!!! Plzzzzzzz!

  3. wondergirls are cute, but jewelry are sexy :) plastic surgery very common in korea, i don’t see the problem with that.

  4. they don’t look that nice to me in those cheerleading uniforms.
    maybe they aren’t really old, but they do look too mature to be in those outfits.
    a lot of music videos now are using similar ideas.
    but i think cheerleading should be left for the cuter/younger style singers.

  5. WG Rulz… I’ll share some updates of WG when they release something new. It’s a bit odd to compare WG with Jewelry, they are just so different. It’s odd too to compare One More Time with Tell Me; the only similarity is that both songs are very popular in Korea.

    Agree with bb… there is something wrong with the whole image; I am not sure what’s wrong, but it’s just odd. Perhaps cheerleading should indeed be left for younger singers.

  6. se ven vonitas

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