K-Town Asian American reality TV show

Asian American reality show K-Town is becoming talk of the town lately. It’s likened to Asian version of Jersey Shore, which I have no clue what it is, but from the promo stills it’s not hard to guess that it’s gonna be greasy and cheesy…

K-Town Asian American reality TV show

The show (which is not even on broadcast yet) has created plenty of debates… a few are seeing it as a step up of Asian American in the US showbiz for being an Asian oriented show, while some are concerned that it’s stereotyping the Asians. (Check out the 100+ comments at Channelapa if you want to).

Regardless, people love watching b*tchy stuff on reality shows. I mean, most TV viewers would rather watch cat fights or Paris Hilton-ish kinda thing instead of the good kids teaching how to score straight A’s on reality TV show. Ain’t so?

K-Town reality show

K-Town reality show

Jennifer Field on K-Town reality showScarlet Chan on K-Town reality show

Peter Le K-Town reality show

K-Town reality show cast

K-Town Korean Town, Los Angeles

The filming is mainly based at LA’s Koreatown (hence the show name), but the cast are of diverse Asian ancestry. Image from K-Town’s official Facebook.

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