Most beautiful legs in Japan 2008

Actresses Miki Maya, 44, Asaka Seto, 31, Ryoko Hirosue, 28, and ex-volleyball player Kaoru Sugayama, 29, were named as women who have the most beautiful legs at the annual Parcassio Beautiful Leg Awards. The event was organized by six shoemakers; and Parcassio is an artificial leather used in their products.

Japanese celebrities with most beautiful legs
(L-R) Kaoru, Miki, Ryoko and Asaka; the actresses were selected according to each age group (20s, 30s, 40s) while Kaoru for sportswomen category

Japanese companies always come out with these kind of awards, i.e. best dressers, best jeanists, cotton awards etc… and the Japanese celebrities are quite supportive for these events. After all, commercial endorsement means huge money; the celebs won’t want to offend any of the potential sponsors.

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