New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice, Sri Petaling, KL

Dined at the New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur last weekend. It’s a branch of a famous restaurant (in Gasing, PJ) which has been operating since 1977; this one was opened a couple of years ago.

Bean sprouts at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicen Rice in Sri Petaling

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicen Rice, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Chicken and bean sprouts seem like a weird combination for westerners, but it’s a popular combo in Malaysia, often eaten with rice or rice-noodles that are cooked with chicken fat. The city of Ipoh is most famous for the delicacy; most specialised restaurants in other cities will try to link themselves with Ipoh.

Roast pork at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicen Rice in Sri Petaling

Curry pig skin at New Restaurant Ipoh Chicen Rice in Sri Petaling

This restaurant didn’t disappoint; the chicken was great, and the roast pork was nice. Curry looked decent, but the taste was rather mild; the noodle soup on contrary was a bit too salty. RM38.70 ($11 USD) for two big eaters.

And one cute thing… the waiters were using PDA to place the orders. It’s not something new, but a bit surprising to see it in an old-fashion Chinese restaurant.

New Restaurant Ipoh Chicken Rice
Address: No.1, Jalan 13/149L, Bandar Seri Petaling, KL, Malaysia.
Phone: (6)03-9057 6128 [near Happy Garden]

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  1. looks yummy ^_^

  2. 2nd photo have very good combination. Looks great and yummy.

  3. hassna baidi says:

    Wow great, I want to eat I was watching some of the Moroccan, but I did not know how brought into the site

  4. I can tell you this is more than a double thumbs up! I study near by , me and my bunch of friends, we used to go there (sri petaling) for our lunch atleast twice a month!

  5. Food good but attitude sucks, some of their item in the menu are without prices. When I ask the waitress, she said dint stick the sticker lo, mean don’t have. How can a menu without price info, can we report them ?

    • It’s common of family style restaurants to have lousy menu, or sometimes no menu at all. And most of these restaurants, especially the popular ones, won’t bother much about attitude. Not saying that they are right, but it is how it is. Sorry to ask, but are you a Malaysian?

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