SNSD marine girls solo photos

Solo pics of Korean pop group SNSD members in marine costume for their upcoming mini-album Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), to be released on June 25…

SNSD Yuri in marine uniform

SNSD YoonA in marine uniform

SNSD Tiffany in marine uniform

SNSD TaeYeon in marine uniform

SNSD Sunny in marine uniform

SNSD SooYoung in marine uniform

SNSD SeoHyun in marine uniform

SNSD Jessica in marine uniform

SNSD HyoYeon in marine uniform

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  1. ALL very promising model and singer

  2. everyone did a great job …. oh and by the way …. yoona, tiffani and sooyoung are sooooooooooooo gorgeous here i love them they can be a suuuuper model

  3. go sooyoung…ur so pretty…sunny and tiffany are pretty also…

  4. sooyang you are a beautifulest girl in girl generation and ou have a beauytiful body. go a head with your group and do your best

  5. yuri and yoona are my angel forever………<3

  6. yuri is the best she is a good girl and the best member she is an angel so pretty and sweet

  7. white angel: says:


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