South Korea ferry disaster

Hundreds of people are missing after a ferry capsized and sank in South Korea.

The ship sent a distress signal around 9am KST, April 16, and sank in two hours.

There’re conflicting numbers, four confirmed dead, 260-290 people unaccounted for.

My thought goes to the victims and families. Hope there’re some miracles.

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  1. MaJieMao says:

    Very disappointed in the fact that the crew and passengers had no understanding of ship safety. Also even though the Korean coast guard was on the scene within an hour they had no equipment to rescue those trapped inside.

    • At these situations most people would follow instructions from the captain or senior-crew, sometimes beyond our general knowledge and instinct. Unfortunately the captain is a jackass.

      It’s a grim fact that coastguards could do very little in a disaster of this magnitude, even with the best equipments.

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