Korean model Hwang Mi-hee archives - Racing event and trade show photos

Hwang Mi-hee Korea Scooter Race 2013

Model Hwang Mi-hee at Round 1 of Korea Scooter Race Championship 2013. The popular race queen got married last year (if not mistaken, or going to do so soon), guess she’s fulfilling her contractual duties before retiring from the field. She’ll always be one of the bests. Photos by Wasab [Kr], via Koreangirlshd [En].

Hwang Mi-hee Korea Scooter Race Championship

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Seoul Motor Show 2013 promo models

Promotional models at the biennial Seoul Motor Show in April 2013 – i.e. Kang Yui, Kim Ha-yul, Sim Min-hee, Go Jung-ah, Eun Bin, Seo Jin-ah, Ju Da-ha, Choi Seul-gi, Hwang In-ji, Choi Byul-i, Min Seo-hee, Lee Sung-hwa, Bang Eun-young, Heo Yun-mi, Hwang Mi-hee and Park Si-hyun. Pictures by Anamboy [Kr].

Kang Yui
Korean model Kang Yui Seoul Motor Show 2013

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You’re Under Arrest

A cute photo of Korean racing model Hwang Mi-hee, presumably when she was modelling with Team Chevy at CJ Super Race 2011. Hat tip to Lawelstyle [Kr].

Korean racing model Hwang Mi-hee

Hwang Mi-hee DTP Autoshow Interview

Popular Korean racing model Hwang Mi-hee interviewed by AX3 during her recent visit to Vancouver for the DTP Autoshow 2011. She talks about car shows and how she got started etc., short video but interesting chat if you are a fan.

Team Chevy Korean race queens

Korean race queens Kim Na-hyun, Lee Sung-hwa, Hwang Mi-hee and Lee Hyo-young at CJ Super Race in April with Team Chevy. Photo by Anamboy [Kr].

Team Chevy Korean race queens CJ Super Race