Archives and commercials for Innisfree, a Korean beauty products and cosmetics brand

Yoona Innisfree Eco-Healing commercials & photos (HD)

Korean commercials for Innisfree [Kr] skincare-cosmetics brand, featuring Yoona of pop group Girls’ Generation with an eco-healing travel theme. Filmed in Jeju, South Korea’s famous tourist island and one of the Seven Wonders of Nature.

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SNSD Yoona Innisfree Jeju travel diary

Korean cosmetic brand Innisfree has released a commercial series – starring Yoona, member of pop group Girls’ Generation – which was filmed on Jeju Island with a travel diary concept. I’m sharing just the summarised version with a few pics…

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SNSD YoonA Innisfree Pics

Actress-singer YoonA of Korean pop group SNSD modelling for cosmetics brand Innisfree [Kr].

SNSD YoonA Korean cosmetics brand Innisfree

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