Love Japan by David Parkinson

Cool video by Australian filmmaker David Parkinson as he travelled through the heart of Japan with his girlfriend. Beautiful piece with top notch cinematography. Locations include Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara, Tokyo, Nagano and Hokkaido.

Ose Fishermen’s Festival 2013

Ose Fishermen’s Festival is an annual traditional event (April 4) at Ose Shrine in Numuzau, Shizuoka Prefecture, to pray for bountiful catches and safe journeys at sea. Video by Aquageographic with the majestic Mount Fuji as backdrop…

Japanese Sakura 2013

Awesome videos by AquaGeographic [Jp], shot from numerous popular cherry blossom viewing spots across Japan. Spring is in the air…

Famous sights of cherry blossoms in Tohoku…

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Cherry blossom blizzard in Japan

Cherry blossoms 2012 in Japan. I’ve seen quite some cherry blossoms during my recent Korean trip, but this is another level of awesomeness with the falling petals…

Tokyo Sky Tree time-lapse

Time lapse video of Tokyo Sky Tree by Darwinfish105 [Jp]. The construction of the tower – the world’s tallest (634m) – was completed on February 29.

Tokyo Sky Tree skyline at night

The definition of “tower” differs from “building”, with the later mainly habitable. For many years the world’s tallest tower is taller than the tallest building, but it changed in 2010 with the completion of Burj Khalifa (830m) in the United Arab of Emirates.