The Floating Castle (2012) movie trailer

Teaser for Japanese movie The Floating Castle (のぼうの城, Nobō no Shiro). It’s a comedic-historical film directed by Shinji Higuchi and Isshin Inudo, and it’s adapted from Ryo Wada’s 2007 novel of the same name. In theatres in November 2012.

Oshi Castle

Set in feudal Japan, the story is based on the Siege of Oshi in 1590 [wiki]. It’s a battle between a small clan with 619 samurai and 2000 conscripts against a force of 23,000 troops. Hence the slightly off 20000 vs 500 tagline in the movie.

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Ryoko Shinohara gave birth to baby boy

Japanese actress Ryoko Shinohara was just in time to celebrate mother’s day after giving birth to a baby boy on Saturday (May 10).

Japanese actress Ryoko Shinohara

Ryoko, 35, is one of Japan’s most popular actresses and commercial models. She is married to 59-year-old artist Masachika Ichimura in December 2005; this is the couple’s first child.