Chinese virgin-eggs cooked in boys urine

Virgin eggs (童子蛋) are chicken eggs cooked in the urine of young boys in China

China virgin urine eggs

Apparently the bizarre delicacy has a pretty long history in Dongyang City. But it’s making national headlines recently as it was discovered by some folks that the street food has been listed as one of the city’s cultural heritage.

China virgin urine eggs

Outsiders are questioning the appropriateness of making such a smelly (locals call it the smell of spring) food an official heritage, but the eggs are said to be selling well in every street corner of Dongyang, a 1800-year-old historic city.

China virgin urine eggs

Boy’s urine has long been mythically thought to have medical benefits in some parts of China. The supporters of these virgin eggs seem to buy the idea that the eggs are good for clearing spring drowsiness and summer heat.

China virgin urine eggs

It’s actually weirder to see how they are collecting boys’ urine from local schools. I mean, what kind of school would allow that to happen? What a way to “educate” the kids. News via Shanghaidaily, images via News365 [Cn].

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    • ladydonna says

      It does because in the Philippines, salted eggs can be prepared by soaking the fresh duck eggs in saline solution for 15-20 days depending on the desired saltiness. The egg shell is permeable and through time can absorb any solution.

  1. kenhow says

    all I have to say, I’ll try one before I judge haha, kinda sickening from just listening and looking, but gotta taste it first and see if its historic culture is actually a beneficial fact

  2. Yein Jee says

    I won’t mind giving it a try, I’m pretty gutsy with bizarre food as long as it’s cooked. But chances of me visiting the city is slim to begin with.

    • cole says

      Ditto to what Emilie says. Also, if it’s not getting through the egg shell as someone suggested, then what’s the point of boiling it in boys urine? Just boil it in water and you’ll still get a boiled egg. My personal opinion, it’s just another old superstition that has yet to come to the point of not being taken seriously by some factions of the population. Give it time.

    • Jennifer says

      Me,too..The first time i heard this. but it is true about the boy’s urine could cure disease in some poor places.anyway,i’ll never try,never happen on me.

  3. GeN_GiM says

    Funny at the very least.
    This is probably how sicknesses like SARS, Bird Flu and other ‘china-made’ diseases in the past came to be. 1800 years of eating eggs cooked in boys’ piss probably had some effect LOL

    Anyway, pedobear and bear grylls will most likely be happy with this

  4. gillian says

    the solutes in the urine could actually penetrate the shell. think of the way how the salted eggs are made. they were soaked in brine or salt water for weeks. anyway, i don’t think it’s safe to eat those things esp when proper hygiene is concerned since the urine contains bacteria and other solutes that the body already disposed of.

    Fear Factor should try this “delicacy”

  5. loc says

    Since it has a historic origin, it must be special for some. However, many old practices which were thought to be beneficial for health have been found out to be disastrous. In India, drinking of cow’s urine especially a calf is believed to purify blood and wash away toxins from the body. But how accurate it is scientifically?
    Before the discovery of Bacteria, surgery used to done with surgeons smoking and no sanitation of floor and equipments was done. Later, with the advent of biological exploration and inventions, surgeons got a clear picture.
    So, before you want to try that egg, why not boil it in your pee first? Atleast you d pe taking your stuff in!

  6. Khim says

    I think this is gross but the color of the egg was confusing i wonder how’s it taste…”smell of spring” – pretty interesting hahaha :D

  7. korean_guy says

    Just when I though Chinese ate some nasty shit…they take it a level higher (or lower). This is disgusting!

      • korean_guy says


        “those who are not open to ones cultural customs are disgusting!”

        Those who can’t distinguish culture behaviors from disgusting depraved behaviors is disgusting.

    • October Mist says

      This practice is not only disgusting but I cant believe how nasty it is as far as hygiene. I cant believe they actually collect it from toilets. I am very open to many strange foods but I could not stomach eating something like this. The smell would be enuff to repel me. How filthy can u get?

      • Anonymous says

        It isn’t so bad, urine is naturally disinfected by your body and they are presumably boiling it.

        (although it’s f**king gross, and would stink)

        • korean_guy says

          “It isn’t so bad, urine is naturally disinfected by your body and they are presumably boiling it.”

          Don’t forget the other Chinese reason, “Oh it’s good for you!”

          This is why i stay the hell away from Chinese food like my life depended on it.


    Oh My God!!!This is the most disgusting gross yucky thing ever!!!Uhh..these ppl r taking in the waste materials passed from ourr body!!!EWww…&Of course no offence 2 the Chinese!!!………………………………………………STILL THEY’RE GROSS!!!

  9. Denisia Pfoser says

    People who write before they study waste their own and my time with words meaning nothing.
    First study (read and comprehend every word) a book like “Stay Young: The Melatonin Way by Dr. Stephen J. Bock. German translation: (Wunderhormon Melatonin. Die Quelle von Jugend und Gesundheit. von Stephen J. Bock, Michael Boyette und Ulrike Schmid (September 1995)) And have a look into any list of ingredients of urine. eg. in “Quelle der Selbstheilung. Urin-Therapie von Heidelore Kluge. Then write again and say you are sorry that you insulted lots of people.
    The Chinese people of Dongyang are very clever. Probably the Chinese sportsmen and sportswomen drink their own urine which is the very best doping and very legal.


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