Kyoto fire ramen

A mini fire-show at a ramen restaurant [Jp] in Kyoto, Japan. Nothing magical, pour burning oil into water based liquid (vice versa) will do. Don’t try this at home ;)

I bet the gimmick will get them plenty of new customers, but it’s taste that matters most after all (not saying they are bad or anything). Hat tip to Japanprobe.

Fake chicken eggs in Malaysia

Fake chicken egg in MalaysiaMalaysians are dumbfounded with news of fake chicken eggs being sold (and now seized) in a market at the northern Penang state.

The fake eggs are said to be tasteless, have unusual shapes, have rougher shell surface, and the white and yolk would quickly mixed together.

A quick find online shows that counterfeit eggs have been produced and sold illegally in China (where else?) in recent years, where the fake eggs are made of sodium alginate, alum, gelatin, edible calcium chloride, water and colouring.

The cost of producing a fake egg is about 1/3 (est.) of its selling price, which makes it profitable at places with cheap labour cost. The chemicals won’t pose immediate health threat to consumers, but different story long term wise.

[Update] The seized eggs in Malaysia are found to be genuine eggs. WTF.

Chinese virgin-eggs cooked in boys urine

Virgin eggs (童子蛋) are chicken eggs cooked in the urine of young boys in China

China virgin urine eggs

Apparently the bizarre delicacy has a pretty long history in Dongyang City. But it’s making national headlines recently as it was discovered by some folks that the street food has been listed as one of the city’s cultural heritage.

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Japan’s star-shaped and heart-shaped cucumbers

Farmers from Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture have produced some star-shaped and heart-shaped cucumbers by using plastic moulds…

The price of these shaped cucumbers is 5-6 times higher than normal stuff, but the market demand for the special products is still pretty high. I bet it must be really popular among the kids and young love birds.

Korea’s cotton candy in a cup

Pardon me if it’s common elsewhere, but I’ve never seen cotton candy sold in a cup prior to this Korean trip; and you’re supposed to eat this with a fork? Hmmm…

Cotton candy in a cup, South Korea

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