Girls’ Generation – Mr Taxi music video

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation is releasing their first original Japanese single, Mr Taxi, on April 27. Check out the dance version music video below. Catchy song, love the bright yellow taxi driver costume; and the all black leather looks cool too…

The single was supposed to be released earlier but is delayed due to the Tohoku earthquake in March. Some proceeds (I’m not sure how big a portion) from the single-album sales will be donated to the relief efforts.

Judging from the pre-sales the girls should have a good chance to emulate the success of fellow K-pop girl group Kara, who topped the Oricon chart earlier this month with Jet Coaster Love (Kara was the first Korean female pop group to achieve that).

Check other posts for Mr Taxi pics (HD), Mr Taxi lyrics, and also another song from the single-album, the Japanese remake of Run Devil Run (with screenshots).

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