Korean War (1950-1953) Photos

Photo story. All contents taken from the United States Department of Defense to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

Korean War

On June 25, 1950, the North Korean Army began an offensive to invade South Korea that resulted in the capture of the republic’s capital, Seoul, within four days.

The United States, the United Kingdom and other members of the United Nations moved to actively defend South Korea – an effort that would last until July 27, 1953, when negotiations concluded and fighting “ended”. The two Koreas are technically still at war though, as an armistice was signed but not a peace treaty.

Korean War girl, brother, tank
With her brother on her back a war-weary Korean girl tiredly trudges by a stalled M-26 tank in Haengju, June 9, 1951.
U.S. Army photo by Maj. R.V. Spencer

Korean War young officer
A young officer and his wife sit in their car at the dock and staring quietly at the waiting aircraft carrier in San Diego before he leaves for Korea in 1950.
U.S. Information Agency photo

Korean War US infantry regiment
U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the 24th Infantry Regiment move up to the firing line, July 18, 1950.
U.S. Army photo

Korean War Suwon evacuation
During South Korean evacuation of Suwon Airfield, a 37-mm anti-tank gun is hauled out of the area for repairs, by a weapons carrier in 1950.
U.S. Information Agency photo

Korean War Pantherjets
The Pantherjets are refueling after rockets have been “hung” under the wings in 1951.
U.S. Marine Corps photo by Master Sgt. C.D. Prindle

Korean War Corsairs
F4Us, better known as Corsairs, returning from a combat mission over North Korea, circle the USS Boxer as they wait for planes in the next strike to be launched from her flight deck and a helicopter hovers above the ship, Sept. 4, 1951.
U.S. Navy photo

Korean War M26 Tank
U.S. Army soldiers assigned to the 9th Infantry Regiment man an M-26 tank to await an enemy attempt to cross the Naktong River, Sept. 3, 1950.
U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Thomas Marotta

Korean War flag
U.S. Marine Corps Pvt. 1st Class Luther Leguire raises the U.S. flag at the American consulate in Seoul, South Korea, while fighting for the city raged around the compound, Sept. 27, 1950.
U.S. Marine Corps photo by Sgt. John Babyak Jr.

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