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Daily life in North Korea as a foreign tourist

Video by travel blogger Jacob Laukaitis who visited North Korea with a tour group earlier this year. He revealed the basic do’s and don’ts at the beginning of the film, and he didn’t hide the fact that most of the things he seen were staged.

Set politics (and atom bombs) aside, an interesting tourism video for the “mysterious” country. It reminds me of my trip to China in late 90’s, in other words North Korea seems to be 15-20 years behind some parts of the world.

North Korean girl group Moranbong Band

The Moranbong Band [wiki], also known as Moran Hill Orchestra, is an all-female music group in North Korea whose members were selected by the country’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un. Debuted in 2012, they are the first female band from DPRK.

The group, which is said to be hugely popular in their homeland, made headlines earlier this month when their show in Beijing was cancelled last-minute, with rumours of possible defection (which has been officially debunked).

There are suggestions that the creation of the group is to counteract the rise of South Korean pop culture in North Korea. Some foreign media actually branded Moranbong Band as North Korean version of South Korean pop group Girls’ Generation, but it’s probably in terms of popularity instead of musical style.

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North Korea has a luxury ski resort

North Korea has opened a luxury ski resort in early 2014. The Masikryong Ski Resort was built at the summit of the 1,360-metre Taehwa Peak, some 20 kilometres outside Wonsan City in Kangwon Province.

The Masikryong (literally “horse-resting pass”) project was constructed in just ten months. And it got some help from China to bypass the international sanction to get the much-needed infrastructures to complete the ski ground.

Photos by UriTours, a NY and Shanghai based travel agency specialising in North Korea trips. Judging from the pictures the resort doesn’t look too shabby.

North Korea Masikryong Ski Resort
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RT: 10 Days in North Korea

A 45-minute documentary about North Korea by RT, a Russian TV network that filmed the footage during their 10-days visit to the mysterious country.

The video shows a mildly positive side of nation, probably truth but definitely not the whole truth. While not being na├»ve, let’s not be over-skeptical either and learn a bit about the culture and living of North Koreans from the film.

A Tale of Two Koreas

An infographic by The World Weekly which shows some differences between North Korea and South Korea. The peninsular was divided into two after World War II as a result of the Cold War. They are still in confrontation these days.

North Korea vs South Korea infographic